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Halo Programs have been helping Mortgage, Real Estate, and Residential Heating and Cooling companies to cultivate customer relationships for over 50 years.

Our marketing automation tools like no-effort-required long-term email and physical mail campaigns and easy-to-use CRM tools provide unrivalled value for your business.

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Discover the Benefits of Automation

It can be easy to get caught up in the daily tasks of running your business and find that you have not been dedicating the time needed to cultivate and maintain customer relationships. This can cause loss in business and slowed growth which requires more effort in the long run – which are not results that anyone wants.

Halo Programs helps simplify the process through a set-and-forget 3, 5 and 7 year programs that do all the work for you! Sending messages for their milestone events, personalized emails and direct mail ensures that you are top of mind whenever the new prospect or past customer is in need of your services.

The value to your business is immediate and the peace of mind you achieve is immeasurable. So go ahead and automate your marketing with Halo – future you will be happy you did.


Our Complete Suite of CRM Tools

It is easy to keep track of all your clients with Halo’s industry-specific CRM tools. Our partners know that Halo can be trusted to take care of existing relationships and generate more low-cost, high-yield leads with a few easy clicks. The intuitive interface, automated reporting, and proactive suggestions are just a few of the features our partners love!

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See Real Results

The Measurable Difference of Using Halo Programs

A leading force and pioneer in the marketing automation industry, Halo Programs is dedicated to helping your business succeed.


Halo Programs Have You Covered

We’re continuously improving our applications, database, processes, and systems to give your team the best tools available.


Just a great way to touch your clients throughout the year.

Holly S.

Always professional, helpful, and responsive. Great attention to detail! The customer service is beyond amazing!

Pilar C.

Awesome CRM and automated marketing programs for real estate agent and loan officers!

Gina S.

Very smart marketing company designed to help service providers in and around the real estate business stay top of mind with their clients. Great team. Awesome results.

Terry B.

Celebrating 50 Years of Leadership in Marketing Automation.

Halo Programs was born as a solution to one Real Estate office’s inability to easily stay in touch with their past clients. Based in Walled Lake, Michigan, we now offer outstanding customer relationship management (CRM) software with automated marketing campaigns for companies throughout the United States.

Innovative Services Since 1973

In a time before computers, everything was done by hand in one owner’s basement. By the mid-80’s we became an internationally-recognized name in customer retention and client management in the Real Estate industry. The years that followed brought growth into other industries, integrating direct mail, print media, QR codes, and finally our award-winning CRM system, into the marketing process to help our clients succeed.