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Designed exclusively for Mortgage Loan Officers, Mortgage Lenders, and Mortgage Divisions. Our powerful marketing automation and CRM tools automatically perform daily marketing tasks. MortgageHalo pulls in new leads and optimizes current client relationships to generate more low-cost, high-yield leads and up to 3X more repeat business!

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Building Relationships. Building Business.

While you’re closing loans and keeping clients happy, MortgageHalo is automatically identifying and cultivating future prospects. Our dedicated Mortgage Broker CRM system utilizes time-proven marketing techniques to keep your name out there, and when a hot lead pops-up, you’re notified immediately.


MortgageHalo automatically sends a variety of marketing and other communication to your past and future clients. Not only does it automatically send messages for milestone events, birthdays, applications, targeted eMails and more, but our exclusive ClientTracker™ constantly monitors for hot leads, notifying you immediately if one of your contacts has a mortgage refinance opportunity or if their home goes up for sale.

Active Clients

MortgageHalo automatically keeps you, your client and the Real Estate Agent informed at every step of the loan process, keeping everyone on task and informed. Once their loan application is complete and closed, a Client Satisfaction Survey and a Thank You Card are sent for valuable feedback and testimonials. Your client will automatically be entered into our CRM, keeping you top of mind for any referral or repeat business.

Your All-In-One Solution

MortgageHalo is your all-in-one solution for every marketing & CRM need, built exclusively for the Mortgage industry. Check out our video to see how our Mortgage Lender automated marketing solutions can help grow your relationships and supercharge your business pipeline.

Real Measurable Results

For nearly 50 years, MortgageHalo has been saving Loan Officers time and money while generating more leads, referrals and positive results to win more business. Most importantly, we help you retain clients for life by keeping in touch with them for many years to come.



Automated Marketing

Set It and Forget It

Get all the lead generation and relationship marketing your team needs to give them the forward-edge to nurture relationships and close more mortgages. Let your team focus on what they do best, while MortgageHalo takes care of the rest.


Empower Your Team

Get a complete suite of user-friendly tools created exclusively for the mortgage industry. Grow relationships, expand referrals and increase revenue growth from one, easy-to-use dashboard.


Optimize Your Exposure

Our Co-Marketing platform allows you to connect to your Real Estate Agent Partners while streamlining your co-marketing. We make it easy to boost sales, expand your promotional reach and strengthen your Real Estate Agent partnerships.

On-Demand Marketing

One-Stop for Customized Marketing

We offer a complete marketing platform where your team can quickly and easily order anything from direct mail to eMail blasts and more, all with your logo and company information automatically added to maintain your company’s brand.

Why Lenders Love Us

Honestly, couldn’t be happier with MortgageHalo, very easy to use and my customers respond to it! Keeping my data organized and involved in my business is crucial. People who I did business with several years ago still have my name in front of them, which is important as I fight to retain current clients while reaching new ones. My clients respond to the emails, it feels personal to them. I can thank them for past business and stay in touch for future opportunities.

Charles S. Loan Officer

The best thing about MortgageHalo is that it’s a hands-free – a great way to stay in touch with customers without tying up resources. The ClientTracker generates mortgage leads by scrubbing the national change of address database, and CP sends postcards to the new addresses. Our business is extremely satisfied with our choice of CRM and would strongly recommend MortgageHalo.

Jett L. Project Analyst

I like the “set it and forget it” nature that this software provides in order for me to keep-up with past clients. Saves me the time and extra work!

Debra H. Loan Officer

The campaigns are very well done, they all look like they came from the loan officer directly. The emails encourage customers and referral partners to reach out more.

Kaye M. Mortgage Sales Manager

Overall, we’ve had a great experience. The customer feedback has been very beneficial to us, and I really like the ease of use for my sales team. We are very happy with everything about the MortgageHalo system.

Ric S. Banking President

MortgageHalo Has You Covered

We’re continuously improving our applications, database, processes and systems to give your team the best tools available.

Cloud Based

Our applications are mobile friendly, ensuring you have access to contacts, reporting, data, and functions from anywhere at anytime!

LOS Integration

We integrate into your business’ Loan Origination System, seamlessly syncing with your client data and business software.

Custom Development

We offer custom development for our platform to API with any software, customize marketing campaigns, and create workflows to make your enterprise run smoother.

Staff Training & Support

We will train your entire team including Loan Officers, Sales Managers, and more. We’re always ready to help!

Data Encryption

All your data is protected with military-grade encryption, where it is securely stored, archived, and never deleted.

Industry Compliant

Up-to-date on all industry regulations and standards to help safeguard your brand and avoid compliance issues.

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