Growth – Change – Innovation

Halo Programs was born in 1973 as a solution to one Real Estate office’s inability to easily stay in touch with their past clients. In a time before computers, everything was done by hand in one owner’s basement.

By the mid-80’s we became an internationally-recognized name in customer retention and client management in the Real Estate industry. The years that followed brought growth into other industries, integrating direct mail, print media, QR codes, and finally our award-winning CRM system, into the marketing process to help our clients succeed.

Still based in Walled Lake, Michigan, Halo Programs now offer outstanding customer relationship management (CRM) software with automated marketing campaigns for companies throughout the United States.

We Became Your Trusted Partner in Automated Marketing

From Humble Beginnings

Started in 1973 as a division of Epps Advertising, a small agency owned by Mike and David Epps, Halo Programs (then known as Halo Programs) began to grow when sales associates from the original real estate company – which prompted the very idea that started it all – transferred to another agency and still wanted to use the program.

Throughout the 70’s Halo Programs the company continued its expansion in Michigan with companies such as Lee Real Estate and Key Real Estate. The customer follow-up program was named DataLead and was the first customer retention program of its kind in the Real Estate industry.

In 1980, an owner of a local car dealership purchased a home through one of the real estate agencies that used the program. The dealer liked the mailings that he received so much that he contacted Halo Programs about putting a program together for his car dealership. The automotive industry was booming during this era and we supplied customer retention programs to over 650 dealers nationwide. This expansion soon led to boat and motorcycle dealerships.

International Expansion

By 1987 Halo Programs had expanded to Canada, adding the ability to facilitate our programs internationally. Operations were growing, and so a larger office was built two years later to fit all the staff. As a grand gesture, every employee was promised an office with a window – and the leadership delivered on their promise!

The 90’s saw the company moving into a variety of industries other than real estate and automotive, such as mortgage companies and financial planners and movers, to help with their marketing needs. Veteran industry professionals such as Bill Early promoted our original approach to customer retention. By the end of the 90’s Spanish versions of our mortgage and realty programs were developed to bring the brilliant marketing idea to a wider audience.

Ushering In Change

As the new Millennium began, Halo Programs continued on its trajectory of expansion by acquiring increasingly large contracts and larger spaces. With the 2000’s came a need for another round of automated marketing innovation – one involving the rapidly evolving technology of the time, namely, the internet. Once more, the company innovated to stay on the very forefront of industry standards. Over the decade to come a plethora technological and logistical accomplishments were made – see for yourself:

  • 2001
    • The DataLead Program is renamed Building Customer Loyalty for the mortgage industry and Connections for real estate and all other industries.
  • 2002
    • Rolled out new and improved monthly Report of Mailing/Customer of Interest Report that is sent to our clients, and added the ability to e-mail this report.
    • Introduced the LINC (Locking In New Customers) Program quarterly newsletter customer retention and lead generating program.
    • Introduced SurroundMail Plus neighborhood prospecting self-mailers with postage-paid response cards.
  • 2003
    • Expanded to the bank and credit union and home improvement industries.
    • Introduced the FSBO Program for companies to market to homeowners selling their home without the assistance of a Realtor.
    • Introduced KipKards (Keeping It Personal Cards) as a new mailing option with an attached postage-paid response card and detachable business card.
  • 2005
    • Migrated UNIX-based database system to new proprietary relational database structure. The new system is named MIKE, for Michael Mould, who was Halo Programs’ original IT and Operations Director.
    • Designed a program for IT Service (B2B) companies.
    • Developed the CrossWise Program specifically for mortgage divisions of banks and credit unions.
  • 2006
    • Added ability to capture and include license numbers and disclaimers on mailings for our clients.
    • Introduced the ClientTracker lead generating program.
  • 2007
    • Introduced the EMPOWER online private web portal and marketing dashboard for our clients.
  • 2008
    • Added technology to allow our clients to automatically renew or extend their clients’ program upon completion of their 5-year follow-up program.
    • Added technology to allow our clients to add birthday cards to their marketing program.
    • Added technology to allow for variable printing of company logos and agent photos on the program media.
  • 2009
    • Introduced the Moving Announcements closing gift program for Realtors.

The Time of Kings

In 2010 came a turning point in the history of Halo Programs, as it was acquired by Kirk King, the current owner and extraordinary entrepreneur who brought a primarily-mailings based business model into the 21st century. A rebranding and new logo soon followed, and in the same year the company converted traditional mail-only programs to cross-media.

Email components were added to the standard customer retention and lead generating programs, changing them to the ideal mix of both direct mail and e-mail customer communications. Standard program items, including KipKards, Surveys, and Letters, were redesigned – giving everything a fresh, modern look. The following improvements were also made going forward:

  • 2011
    • Halo Programs redesigns program greeting card themes and adds new choices.
    • Launched eConnections turnkey e-mail marketing program, including online customer response forms.
    • Added technology to generate and print QR Codes.
    • Halo Programs launches new website.
  • 2012
    • Expanded to the Home Performance industry.
    • Converted all pre-printed stock to variable printing on-demand to allow limitless customization and design capability.
  • 2013
    • Developed Annual Database Marketing Program for Contractors.
    • Added call center capabilities with all new phone systems and software.
    • Launched online sign up for real estate agents and the ability to order programs online, and an all new EMPOWER Marketing Dashboard.
  • 2014
    • Launched online surveys for the real estate and mortgage industries.
    • Designed hundreds of new print media pieces for clients and the new online storefront.
    • Added technology to generate and print/email PURLs (personalized URLs) and landing pages.
  • 2015
    • Launched new online mortgage, contractor & financial storefronts.
    • Launched online surveys for banks & HVAC contractors.
    • Developed Intelligent Database Marketing Program for Contractors.
  • 2016
    • Added to our team of Customer Service Specialists and added online chat to our website and stores.
    • Launched MGIC Elements & for lenders.
    • Partnered with Service Roundtable in the contractor industry.
  • 2017
    • Added personalized videos and dynamic imaging to the automated marketing campaigns for our clients.
    • Added improved executive reporting, electronic birthday cards, interest rate module, and social media sharing features to the mortgage CRM.
    • Developed Continuity Connect, our secure data connection software allowing automated data feeds.
  • 2018
    • Launched for real estate.
    • Developed automated Just Listed and Just Sold system & Every Door Direct Mail system for real estate.
    • Developed reputation management module inside our CRMs.
    • Launched Maintenance Plan Retention Program for HVAC contractors in partnership with Ruth King
  • 2019
    • Launched for distributors.
    • Developed email blast module inside our CRMs.
    • Created more automated marketing campaigns within MyCRMDashboard.
    • MyCRMDashboard was featured in the Fintech Product Showcase by HousingWire Magazine.
    • Integrated with Facebook for automatic posting of testimonials, Testimonial Tree’s online reputation management system, LenderAssistTM LOS & with MooveGuru’s Mover Platform.
    • Added SMS texting functionality to our CRMs.

A Global Standstill

In March of 2020 the world changed forever, for everyone. While it was a difficult time for many individuals and companies alike, the leadership of Halo Programs did everything in their power to ease the financial effects of the global pandemic on their staff and clients while continuing to innovate. As a major accomplishment over the Pandemic period, the trio of Halo services is born and developed.

  • 2020
    • Expanded across all United Real Estate Offices.
    • Launched for Heating and Cooling Contractors and Installers.
    • Continued all operations and on-time fulfillment through COVID Pandemic.
    • Completed major development project for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach.
    • Developed the HELOC Program, Virtual User Training Programs.
    • Developed API with Calyx LOS.
  • 2021
    • Implemented Atlassian Ticketing System for Developers.
    • Developed ROI Reporting for Contractors.
    • Onboarding over 20 new business units through acquisition of existing Accounts.
    • Developed API with Skyslope.
  • 2022
    • Migrated all production servers to AWS.
    • Won partner of the year with United Real Estate.
    • Filed DBA for Halo Programs
    • Announced the rebrand to Halo Programs.
    • Developed API with Mortgage Builder LOS.
    • Onboarding over 20 new business units through acquisition of existing Accounts.
    • Launched new website for Halo Programs.
    • Launched replacing
    • Launched replacing
    • Launched replacing
    • Implemented a Atlassian Ticketing System for Customer Service.

Looking Forward

With its outlook and future looking bright, Halo Programs has decided to undertake a bold move – the first full rebranding in 50 years – including a change of name.

Now known as Halo, we strive to simplify your experience through best-in-the-business automated marketing, excellent customer service and superior lead generation programs.

Coming in 2023… more integrations, new and exciting features, co-marketing modules, and much more!