Find New Customers With HaloPrograms’ Prospecting Programs

Reach out to potential clients who have already heard about you through their community. Capitalize on this positive word of mouth with HaloPrograms’ highly targeted prospecting for sales campaigns. Market your products and services to prospects living in the surrounding area of your recent transaction with HaloPrograms’ SurroundMail and SurroundMail Plus Programs. Acquire a target prospect list based on variable consumer data and find new customers through target market marketing.

Targeted prospecting is a smart way to generate new business. Our SurroundMail and SurroundMail Plus programs will help you reach out to those most likely to convert, driving completely new leads into your sales pipeline. Radius-based mailings allow you to reach out to others who are the most similar to your current clients. Their homes are likely to be similar, which means that their needs are likely similar as well. That’s in addition to making the most of the positive buzz that’s been building from your satisfied recent customer.

SurroundMailTM Radius Mailings

Prospecting Programs For Sales That Deliver Results

HaloPrograms targeted prospecting consistently receives a higher-than-average response rate – and that’s just from tracking Customer Response Cards. Potential new customers can also call or e-mail you directly after receiving the marketing mailing or get in touch via your website.

Visit our Demographics Target Marketing page for details on marketing list acquisition and Target MailTM campaigns.