The Complete Automated Marketing Solution

Our advanced cloud-based software automatically does all the lead generation and relationship marketing your team needs, giving them the forward-edge to nurture relationships and close more mortgages. Empower your team to do what they do best! Try it today and discover the MortgageHalo difference.

Get the ClientTracker™ Advantage

ClientTracker™ monitors your client base 24/7, automatically qualifying and generating new leads. As soon as a contact’s house is listed or a potential refinance opportunity is detected, it’s instantly identified, labeled a “hot lead” and pushed into your CRM database, immediately notifying you and your Loan Officer. Now go close that deal!

When Opportunity Knocks, ClientTracker™ Answers

From our CRM database, ClientTracker™ continuously monitors both past clients and new prospect information by comparing their address to new MLS Listings to find potential mortgage leads. At the same time, it also checks your past client’s mortgage interest rates against current market rates to identify all new refinancing opportunities.

Automatic Communication Programs

So many relationships, so many touch points! Make the most of your database with an automated system that combines eMail and direct mail marketing for constant, meaningful engagement. You’ll always be on the mind of your clients!

Relationship Program

Easily maintain relationships for past clients and current prospects with personalization of images and messaging within direct mail and eMail, as well as personalized URLs for generating leads and referrals.

Multiple Program Options

Our different program options allow you to choose how many years you would like to keep in touch with your clients.

3 Year Program

36 Total Touch-Points:

  • 2 Thank You Cards
  • 2 Surveys
  • 10 eMails
  • 3 eCards3
  • 3 eMail Videos
  • 6 eNewsletter
  • 6 Letters
  • 4 Birthday Cards

5 Year Program

59 Total Touch-Points

  • 2 Thank You Cards
  • 3 Surveys
  • 16 eMails
  • 5 eCards3
  • 5 eMail Videos
  • 10 eNewsletter
  • 10 Letters
  • 8 Birthday Cards

7 Year Program

82 Total Touch-Points:

  • 2 Thank You Cards
  • 4 Surveys
  • 22 eMails
  • 7 eCards3
  • 7 eMail Videos
  • 14 eNewsletter
  • 14 Letters
  • 12 Birthday Cards

Milestone Marketing Program

Instantly update all your clients on where they’re at within the loan process – while simultaneously informing the Real Estate Agent of how close they are to earning their commission, automatically keeping everyone up-to-date and in the loop!