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Let MortgageHalo guide you through the complicated world of marketing with our curated selection of articles. With topics ranging from setting marketing objectives to guidelines for creating a memorable follow-up program, you are sure to find answers to any question you may have as a Loan Officer, Mortgage Broker or member of a Mortgage Division.

A leading force in the Automated Marketing industry for over 50 years, Halo Programs shares their insight into the Mortgage business in order to help you get more leads and keep existing clients happy. This blog section contains countless insider tips that apply to both partners already using our Marketing Automation services and those who are still looking for the perfect Mortgage Broker marketing solution.

We invite you to try our innovative CRM for free today and experience the Halo Programs difference for yourself. It can almost be guaranteed that you will not want to go back to trying to find, manage and retain customers on your own!

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  • Understanding How the Mortgage Sphere of Influence Marketing Works

    Understanding How the Mortgage Sphere of Influence Marketing Works

    The concept of using your sphere of influence in marketing isn’t a new one. You should look to your connections when you want to build or grow. Your particular sphere of influence could include current and previous business connections, family, friends, and college contacts. It could also include your softball team, your barber, and your…

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  • Unlocking Success with Drip Marketing: A Guide for Loan Officers

    Drip campaigns are robust tools in email marketing, invaluable for nurturing customer relationships and maintaining a healthy and responsive email list. Specifically for loan officers, they offer an effective approach to garner referrals and new customers. A well-executed drip campaign involves a mix of informative content, practical advice, and a blend of online and offline…

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  • Making CRM Software Work for Your Mortgage Company

    Making CRM Software Work for Your Mortgage Company

    Using CRM software can be a game-changer for your mortgage company, helping you provide better customer experiences and grow your business. But adopting this software can be a bit tricky. If you’re thinking about switching to a new CRM system or want to improve how you use your current one, we’ve got some tips to…

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  • Mortgage CRM Software – Everything To Know

    Mortgage CRM Software – Everything To Know

    Consider this your one-stop guide to (nearly) everything you need to know about mortgage CRM software and its myriad of benefits to your customers, your loan officers, and your bottom line. In the digital age, automated marketing has become a driving force of repeat business, and customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Choosing the right…

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  • Co-Branding Marketing With Preferred Partners: 3 Tips

    Co-Branding Marketing With Preferred Partners: 3 Tips

    Co-branding is a type of marketing that relies on forming strategic partnerships to increase brand awareness. Frequently used with consumer goods, fashion, and the automotive business, co-branding is also effective for service-related industries, including mortgage lenders. Co-Branded Mortgage Marketing Also known as strategic partnerships, the practice of co-branding is extremely effective at strengthening brand recognition for both parties while…

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  • Creating Effective Loan Officer Marketing Flyers

    Creating Effective Loan Officer Marketing Flyers

    Marketing mortgage products and services is a challenge. One way to increase business, generate leads, and develop referrals is with loan officer marketing flyers. Effective Loan Officer Marketing Flyers What is an effective loan officer marketing flyer? Simple: the one that educates without boring your audience or coming across as too hard-sell. When you educate potential…

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  • 3 Facts to Know About Compliant Mortgage Marketing

    3 Facts to Know About Compliant Mortgage Marketing

    Advertising for mortgage or other loan products is a highly-regulated activity in the financial industry. Restricted words and phrases, along with buzzwords and trigger terms, are a slippery slope that can lead to a regulator’s door. No surprise, then, that today’s mortgage lenders are deeply concerned about compliant mortgage marketing. Inadvertent or otherwise, violations of…

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  • Halo Programs Introduces New Marketing CRM for Lenders

    Release of MyCRMDashboard Transforms Seasoned Marketing Experts into Software Providers WALLED LAKE, MI (December 29, 2016) – Maintaining customer relationships calls for easy-to-use technology. Lenders want to focus on closing more loans. Halo Programs, Inc. is happy to introduce MyCRMDashboard. MyCRMDashboard is the only solution loan officers need. This CRM system takes care of communications…

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  • 4 Keys to a Mortgage Referral Program That Works

    4 Keys to a Mortgage Referral Program That Works

    If you hope to succeed in the mortgage business, you need a steady source of new customers.  Advertising and marketing have their places, but a mortgage referral program, where you reward your existing customers for providing leads on new customers, can be a highly effective tool.  If you depend on high-quality, actionable leads, a customer…

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  • How to Get Traction With Co-Branded Mortgage Marketing

    How to Get Traction With Co-Branded Mortgage Marketing

    Co-branded marketing occurs when two brands with related products team up to win customers.  While you may not have heard of co-branded marketing, you have almost certainly seen it before.  When you go to the grocery store, you invariably find certain types of products displayed close to each other.  Whether it is cookies and milk,…

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  • 3 Ideas for Newsletters for Loan Officers

    3 Ideas for Newsletters for Loan Officers

    Regular mailings to your current and prospective clients are important for keeping your name in their psyche so that they’ll think of you when they actually need a loan. To that end, regular newsletters for loan officers, when done right, can be an asset to your business. The content should be brief, easy to read,…

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  • How to Set Clear Marketing Objectives That Build Your Business

    If you want to build your company, it’s necessary that you establish workable plans and measurable marketing objectives. When you know what you’re reaching toward, you’ll be able to formulate detailed plans to achieve it. Better yet, you’ll know when your objectives have been met and when you need to form new goals to take…

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