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Let ContractorHalo guide you through the complicated world of marketing with our curated selection of articles. With topics ranging from developing a winning HVAC customer retention strategy to loyalty marketing programs, you are sure to find answers you may have as a Comfort Advisor or a residential heating and cooling company team member.

A leading force in the Automated Marketing industry for over 50 years, Halo Programs shares their insight into the HVAC Contractor business in order to help you get more leads and keep existing clients happy. This blog section contains countless insider tips that apply to both partners already using our Marketing Automation services and those who are still looking for the perfect residential HVAC industry marketing solution.

We invite you to try our innovative CRM for free today and experience the Halo Programs difference for yourself. It can almost be guaranteed that you will not want to go back to trying to find, manage and retain customers on your own!

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  • 5 Methods for Encouraging Customer Loyalty In Your Client Base

    5 Methods for Encouraging Customer Loyalty In Your Client Base

    Acquiring new leads and customers is certainly important, but without repeat customers who endorse your company and support you with their purchases, your business will likely fall short of its potential. Customer loyalty is built through effective follow-up that creates sincere and meaningful relationships with your customers.

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  • Repeat Customer Marketing Must Be Part Of Your Mix

    Repeat Customer Marketing Must Be Part Of Your Mix

    Repeat customer marketing is an essential component of any good marketing strategy. After all, you have already convinced the customer to make at least one purchase. If you provide a good product or service, convincing them to make future purchases will take much less effort than converting a customer that isn’t already familiar with your…

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  • Systematic Marketing: Just Follow The Steps To Growth

    Systematic Marketing: Just Follow The Steps To Growth

    A systematic marketing program clears the way for a business to grow. With a strategic plan for communicating, you can boost customer retention and turn those you worked so hard to get into a group of loyal repeat customers.

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  • Client Follow-Up Programs: Grow Your Numbers With Every Lead

    What’s your best source of new business leads? Your existing clients. Client follow-up programs are a must-have if your goal is to maximize customer retention while also generating quality leads.

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  • Drip Marketing Campaigns For Lead Generation

    Drip marketing is an extremely effective marketing technique that can help you generate quality leads and convert them into customers, but it can also be very time consuming.

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  • Customer Relationship Management System: 5 Must-Have Features

    Systematic customer relationship management can make all the difference in marketing return on investment.

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  • Loyalty Marketing Program Examples: Learn What Works

    The best loyalty marketing program examples should meet these six goals if you’re looking to grow your business: Help to increase the number of new customers through referrals from satisfied customers. Stimulate more spending by existing customers. Increase customer retention. Improve brand equity. Generate exclusive leads for your specific products and services. Help measure customer satisfaction and…

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  • Do You Have Continuity In Your Marketing?

    To be successful, every business should have “continuity” weaved throughout its marketing strategy. Marketing programs that get results will balance three key factors to growth: Acquiring customers, retaining customers and extending customer relationships.

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  • Effective Cross Selling System Will Lead To Greater Customer Loyalty

    Without an effective cross selling campaign, you could be losing valuable sales potential to your competitors. If customers who purchase one product or service from you are not aware of your other products and services, you could be greatly limiting not only the ROI on your marketing efforts, but customer loyalty, too.

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  • 5 Benefits That Referral Programs Provide — And How To Get Them

    Implementing a referral program can optimize your business’ sales cycles, producing qualified prospects that will maximize your sales funnel. Leading to a better ROI than cold calling or generating brand-new leads from scratch, referral programs can drive your marketing efforts further. 5 referral programs benefits include:

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