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Do You Have Continuity In Your Marketing?

roi from Halo ProgramsTo be successful, every business should have “continuity” weaved throughout its marketing strategy. Marketing programs that get results will balance three key factors to growth: Acquiring customers, retaining customers and extending customer relationships.

If your marketing program lacks any one of these factors, your sales could be constrained by a less-than-adequate marketing approach.

It’s easy to see why a well thought-out marketing plan should include all three aspects, because each factor is critical in engaging a sector of the market that is invaluable to sales growth.

Customer acquisition

This segment of your marketing strategy should include a variety of targeted communications and lead generating strategies that will draw new customers to your business. Once a prospect has made his or her first purchase, you have acquired a customer. Businesses that neglect new lead generation will fail to grow their customer base.

Effective marketing tools to encourage customer acquisition growth include direct mail with messaging that includes an effective call-to-action to let prospects easily see the benefits of your products and services, as well as highlight features or the ways your product/services solve a common customer problem.

Customer retention

When a customer buys from you again, after that initial purchase, you’ve retained that customer. You must continue to stay “top of mind” so your customers will think of you next time they are in the market, which may not be for a few years.

To encourage growth for customers in this phase, a customer retention marketing program should utilize touch points based on a calculated, comprehensive marketing plan that spans several years to further develop your brand in the minds of repeat customers, and to encourage customer loyalty.

Customer extension

Once you have a loyal customer, you should continue to extend that relationship. Loyal customers purchase from your business repeatedly, and they refer family members and friends to you.

When extending your relationship with your customers, your business goal should be to educate customers about other products and services that may or may not be related to their purchases thus far, resulting in cross selling and up selling.

The ultimate marketing program needs “continuity” and should focus on customer acquisition, retention and extension to maximize ROI. Contact Halo Programs today, and ask about our turnkey marketing solutions. We specialize in facilitating your customized, company branded direct mail and e-mail campaigns.

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