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Customer Relationship Management System: 5 Must-Have Features

customer relationship marketing, Halo ProgramsSystematic customer relationship management can make all the difference in marketing return on investment. Without some form of customer relationship management, you could risk having customers falling through the cracks, losing valuable referrals, or worse, delivering untimely marketing communications.

Streamlining your business processes through customer relationship management offers an easy way to organize your event-based and program series of marketing communications, automate their delivery, and integrate the way your entire team works, including your sales people, marketing team, customer services reps and technical support team.

With an effective process in place, you’ll help boost your team’s efforts at finding leads, attracting new customers and keeping existing ones, easily nurturing relationships and lowering the overall costs of not just marketing your business, but customer relations, too.

Ultimately, the customer relationship management system that you choose should be able to measure the performance of the system overall, and track the feedback that your customers provide. With five key features included in your customer relationship management system, it will be easy to respond to customer referrals, needs and other responses, and your sales team will work from one streamlined method, increasing the effectiveness of the marketing programs that you use.

The program should include these features:

  • Track responses vetted through customer retention programs and lead generating surveys, outlining key areas of interest potential customers have, and the estimated time frame they expect to need those products or services.
  • Alert you to responses as they come in.
  • Systematically prioritize and segregate urgent leads, sending you a daily message so that you can quickly follow up.
  • Organize future needs into their own category, and provide monthly alerts, so you can schedule out targeted mailings or other responses and utilize a second-tier alert as the date of need becomes closer.
  • Give you around-the-clock access to customer relationship management, with multiple views such as by customer, by date or by program.

Halo Programs is more than happy to walk you through our customer retention program, and accompanying database management system, EMPOWER, and help your company capitalize on creating an effective customer relationship program, customized and personalized to how you need to do business.

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