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Repeat Customer Marketing Must Be Part Of Your Mix

Repeat customer marketing is an essential component of any good marketing strategy. After all, you have already convinced the customer to make at least one purchase. If you provide a good product or service, convincing them to make future purchases will take much less effort than converting a customer that isn’t already familiar with your company.

There are several different methods you can use for repeat customer marketing, including:

  • Track your clients’ activities – Get notified when an existing client moves, purchases a new home or sells their property. Tracking clients allows you to respond to events that may trigger a purchase.
  • Implement a customer retention program – Stay in contact with existing customers to up sell or cross sell new products and services. Creating a targeted program that includes regular customer contact will allow you stay on their radar and encourage repeat sales.
  • Send thank you cards – It may seem like a simple gesture, but a genuine thank you note can go a long way with customers. They are more likely to return to your business if they believe that they are truly appreciated.
  • Up sell and cross sell – If you add new products or services, inform your existing customers, especially if the new additions are an improvement or complementary to their previous purchases. Up selling and cross selling is an excellent way to enhance your repeat customer marketing efforts.
  • Use your customer databases wisely – If you have collected customer contact information, launch a marketing campaign to stay in contact. You can use these communications to up sell, cross sell, announce new products, generate referrals and more.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas. How do you keep in touch with your past customers?

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