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Mortgage CRM Software – Everything To Know

Consider this your one-stop guide to (nearly) everything you need to know about mortgage CRM software and its myriad of benefits to your customers, your loan officers, and your bottom line. In the digital age, automated marketing has become a driving force of repeat business, and customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Choosing the right mortgage CRM software will help you improve the customer experience by providing them with consistent, personalized communication at every stage of your relationship.

In this guide you will learn how mortgage CRM software offers you a turnkey solution to better organize and segment your contacts, automate everyday tasks, and analyze and report on both your loan officers’ performance and the performance of the software itself. A quality mortgage CRM implemented properly will help you generate leads and increase customer retention. Below are some of the criteria you should consider when shopping for the mortgage CRM software that best serves your customers and your loan officers and helps you to achieve long-term business goals.


What is a Mortgage CRM?

Customer relationship management is essential to maximizing efficiency and generating repeat business in any industry. Since the late 90s, customer relationship management software has been optimizing the way businesses keep in touch with their current contacts and generate leads. Today, CRM software has become ubiquitous. In fact, a study by Gartner found that CRM software represented the largest software market in 2017, and will continue to take the lead of all software markets and be the fastest growing market in 2018.

As the technology has advanced, industry-specific CRMs have evolved from the general framework of those early offerings. These CRMs are designed with a particular business in mind, and they apply the necessary tool-sets unique to navigating that business. Where once taking the leap and converting to CRM software carried potential risks to ROI because of its too-broad scope, lenders can rest assured that a mortgage CRM is designed specifically for loan officers.

Mortgage CRM software should serve as more than a central location to store your contacts in an organized and easily-accessible way. It should also provide your loan officers with the tools they need to easily generate and follow-up with mortgage leads, as well as reporting and analytics to help you streamline your customer relationship management processes.

Ultimately the function of mortgage CRM software is to help you to better understand your customers. What do they want? When do they want it? Are your loan officers doing everything they can to meet the customer’s evolving needs? Surveys and reviews provide essential customer feedback that will shape the growth of your business and allow you to move more deliberately and efficiently in the direction of your goals.


What are the Benefits of having a Mortgage CRM?

Positive customer experience is imperative to scalable growth in the mortgage industry. Here’s a snapshot of the benefits you can expect from a quality mortgage CRM:

  • Better organization of information
  • Automation of daily tasks
  • Better customer service
  • Better analytics and reporting

Implementing a mortgage CRM will allow you to automate and personalize your communication with current and potential clients (and referral partners), ensuring that no one slips through the cracks.

  • Better Organization of Information

One of the most significant advantages a mortgage CRM can offer is peace of mind. All of your contacts are organized in one central location. Not only are your contacts easily accessible, but they are further segmented into categories determined by which stage of the deal they are on. This will allow your loan officers to automatically personalize correspondence with your contacts in a way that best meets their evolving needs.

  • Automation of Daily Tasks

Mortgage CRM software should streamline various daily processes, providing you and your loan officers with valuable time to concentrate on core objectives. While customer relationship management naturally should be a top priority of your business, it is one of many moving pieces contributing to your success and growth. Automation increases loan officer productivity by allowing your team to focus on the future rather than the tedious needs of the present. With customer satisfaction surveys and other post-closing follow-up automatically sent and reported on, your loan officers can move seamlessly from one sale to the next.

  • Better Customer Service

Nothing is more essential to the continued growth of your business than quality customer service. Your CRM should provide a personalized experience for each of your contacts. Your loan officers’ every interaction should be tailored to meet the needs of the individual, from the first point of contact through the various stages of the follow-up process.

  • Better Analytics and Reporting

A mortgage CRM should report on and analyze the data it generates. This allows you to identify aspects of your customer relationship management that are working well and those that can be improved. Your CRM should provide you with the tools you need to be constantly optimizing your lead generation and customer retention efforts. The reports and analytics generated by the CRM will help you remain growth-oriented, allowing for constant movement in the direction of your established business goals. The benefits of a good mortgage CRM should be made apparent in the reporting it offers. Your loan officers should be able to see in real time how the CRM you’ve chosen has transformed their business.


How to Find the Right Mortgage CRM for Your Team

Today, mortgage CRMs are in no short supply, and finding the right option for your business can be a dizzying process. Luckily, CRMs are regularly reviewed online, so a little research will go a long way.

You’ll need to maintain a discerning eye during the research process. Seek out reputable vendors with experience creating solutions for banks and mortgage lenders. A CRM developed by software engineers who lack sufficient insight into the mortgage industry, while likely adequate from a software perspective, may not offer the solutions you need.

Use a customer-centric approach when searching for the right mortgage CRM. Always keep their experience in mind. Here are some essential features to look for to achieve that goal:

  • Lead generation tools
  • Automated marketing features
  • Customer support

Your goal should be to create a personalized communication pathway for everyone in your contact list.

  • Lead Generation Tools

Your mortgage CRM should come complete with all the functionality required to generate more leads for your business, such as automated alerts for your loan officers when a contact lists their home for sale. Look for functions like real-time email alerts, built-in PURLs (personalized online response forms), interest rate triggers and refinance notifications. Your CRM should always guide your business in the direction of continued growth, and generating new leads to nurture into future customers is paramount in this process.

  • Automated Marketing Features

Built-in automated marketing features are a necessary component to look for in a mortgage CRM. These tools will help you reach new markets and grow your customer base. Outreach programs such as keeping-in-touch campaigns, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and survey feedback programs make it easy for customers and prospects to engage with your loan officers. Setting up meetings and discussing lending options with your contacts should be made as effortless as possible.

Once a lead has been converted into a customer, post-closing follow-up should be equally simple. Follow-up activities should be scheduled and executed by your CRM. Follow-up programs should include digital outreach as well as direct mail solutions for reaching out to customers long after a deal has been made. The information gathered by these programs is key to optimizing your processes.

  • Customer Support

Your CRM should come with a white-glove customer support system of its own to guide you through the implementation process and beyond. Good mortgage CRM software should be a managed service complete with a dedicated account manager and a helpful support team ready to answer your questions. Customer service and tech support should be accessible via phone, email, and online chat. You should also be provided access to additional resources on an ongoing basis, such as graphic design and custom programming.


The potential costs of switching your loan officers to a CRM that is complicated and cumbersome to operate can include damaging your customer relationships and your profits. Ask yourself: does this CRM align with our long-term business goals? Is it scalable? Here are some features to look for on your end:

  • Vendor reputation
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Functionality

While you should seek out a CRM that is appropriate for the size of your business, whether small, mid-sized, or enterprise level, the CRM you choose should possess the functionality to grow with you.

  • Vendor Reputation

Word of mouth is not only a useful tool for capturing repeat and future business; it can also help you narrow down your list of potential mortgage CRMs. Software review sites like Capterra and Software Advice offer key insight into which features other mortgage lenders like and how implementing a mortgage CRM has transformed their business. A reputable vendor will be able and willing to provide case studies, reviews, and testimonials of their products. Ask for a demo of the CRM from vendors before purchasing.

  • Ease of Use

Right from the start, switching to a new mortgage CRM should be a painless process. The software vendor should do all the set-up and provide training for each loan officer. The software should be up and running quickly and require little effort on the part of your team during the implementation stage. Once active, your CRM should provide a user-friendly interface which places a minimal transitional burden on your loan officers.

  • Security

Compliance with security regulations should be non-negotiable in your search for a mortgage CRM. Your mortgage CRM vendor should store your data in a SOC compliant database. With the right mortgage CRM, you should have a guarantee that information security is best-in-class and held to the highest encryption standards.

  • Integrations

Your mortgage CRM should come with API integrations to work alongside your loan origination system. When your LOS is integrated with your CRM, all of your contacts, including prospects, past customers, and referral partners will be automatically added to the system. This should be a seamless transition which requires no additional work on the part of your loan officers.

  • Functionality

It’s not enough for a mortgage CRM to be easy to use. It must also provide the functionality to adapt and expand alongside your business. Your customer database is always growing, and your business relationships are always evolving; your loan officers need to be able to add and edit contacts and referral partners easily. Your mortgage CRM should send your loan officers notifications for important dates and opportunities. All controls should be intuitive, and at every turn should function to streamline your processes. Your CRM should exist on a mobile-friendly, web-based application, allowing access to your information to be ever at your fingertips.

Put simply: satisfied, loyal customers are your business’ most important asset. Generating leads and maintaining fruitful relationships with your contacts is essential to growing your business and reaching new markets. Your mortgage CRM will help you to understand your customers, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more leads, testimonials, and referrals. When your mortgage CRM is implemented it should streamline your marketing and follow-up processes while cultivating personalized, one-to-one communications based on your customers’ individual needs.


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