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Halo Programs Introduces New Marketing CRM for Lenders


Release of MyCRMDashboard Transforms Seasoned Marketing Experts into Software Providers

WALLED LAKE, MI (December 29, 2016) – Maintaining customer relationships calls for easy-to-use technology. Lenders want to focus on closing more loans. Halo Programs, Inc. is happy to introduce MyCRMDashboard. MyCRMDashboard is the only solution loan officers need. This CRM system takes care of communications with customers and prospects for them.

“This is the CRM loan officers will want to use,” says President of Halo Programs, Kirk King. The platform offers a simple CRM with lead generation. The CRM system provides hands-free marketing campaigns and real-time reporting. King sees automation as one of the system’s most helpful features. “Powerful marketing communications are sent on each loan officer’s behalf. We then notify the loan officers when to login and get their leads.”

MyCRMDashboard saves lenders time and money. The system helps loan officers grow their business. “I’m super excited about this launch,” says King. “I’m certain this new platform will help us more than double the results of our existing systems.”

Halo Programs has provided the lending industry with solutions for over 40 years. The company is known for pushing the envelope. The new CRM was made for the mortgage industry. It includes a marketing system.

To learn more about MyCRMDashboard and request a demo visit haloprograms.com/mortgage-financial-marketing/.

About Halo Programs

Halo Programs, Inc. serves lenders with easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) and automated marketing solutions. Since 1973, Halo Programs’ campaigns have consistently proven to drive referrals and repeat business, generate exclusive leads, increase customer retention, and boost cross-selling for financial institutions across the United States.

Read the press release here.