1 Marketing Tip For Ultimate HVAC Success

December 2012 Issue

1 Marketing Tip For Ultimate HVAC Success

Do you face lots of problems each day at work? Congratulations! For small business owners, especially in the service sector, that can be a great thing. Every new problem presented by your customers (and potential customers) gives you the opportunity to create a solution.

When you identify a new HVAC problem, most likely it’s a problem many people in your community share and a robust group of clients probably need your solutions. Each problem gives you another hint at how to market your business–another angle of approach to gain customer confidence and demonstrate your unique solutions.

Be Outstanding To Stand Out

How can you sell your solutions when many competitors are out there trying to do the same thing? How do you stand out? Take all those problems you’ve discovered and blog about them, or send a newsletter devoted to the biggest HVAC issues of the season for example. Send out a series of Tweets sharing updates on the aftermath of a recent storm, with helpful reminders on how to prepare for the next one.

These communications, through different channels, add up and build relationships with your future customers. Information such as how to keep the family safe and comfortable through a storm, with solutions like using a generator (various types, how they work) are helpful ways to showcase your expertise and concern for the community. Over time, you can become the go-to company for home comfort troubleshooting, advice and service–for solutions.

Create And Introduce New Solutions

A perfect example is the seasonal tune-up or annual HVAC inspection, which has gradually become a widely offered product/solution. Chances are, you have website content devoted to this service describing your own unique version of the VIP Seasonal Service Plan or something similar. To make your maintenance program stand out, besides the catchy name, you may be offering service discounts throughout the year to those signed up with the VIP plan or other perks.

Savvy HVAC entrepreneurs notice what challenges the local weather presents—like ice dams, and they are abreast of emerging issues–like home energy efficiency. Look for reasons to present solutions for popular topics.

Branching Out With Niche Marketing

The solutions business is a great one to be in and it allows you to build your brand and business in various different directions. At times, you’ll focus on general issues—high utility bills, tight budgets. On other occasions you may choose to highlight niche issues in your marketing strategy. You may corner the market in your niche (such as solar or geothermal) or pick up a good share of the general installation/repair market.

To tackle the common issue of limited household budgets, you might offer financing. You could highlight this with a Facebook promotion to raise awareness. For an emerging niche, you might add solar to your product offering or team with another business to co-market and refer to one another. After all, repeating that you’ve been in business for 50 years is great, but you need other selling points. Marketing your solution to home comfort budget issues is another, more specific angle.

Broadcast And Engage

For each marketing angle, use your content (blog posts, Facebook updates, articles, web pages, etc.) to point out the benefits/bullet points of your various solutions/services. Answer questions and interact with consumers. Craft headlines that will induce people to open your solution-focused e-mail. Don’t try to sell everything in each blog post, etc. Focus on one problem/solution and the value it will bring.

Put your business out there. Consumers in search of the best solution to their problem will find you. Maintain the relationship and you’ll have customers for life.

Are you considering adding home performance services to your HVAC business to offer a more complete whole-home solution? Earlier this year, we created a unique marketing program for home performance companies, and are already generating leads and seeing success with our first few home performance clients!

To start building your HVAC marketing strategy, or simply learn more, please feel free to contact us anytime.