3 Benefits of Using Corporate Just Sold Mailers

shutterstock_135590921Real estate agents must spend some time marketing everyday. Many top salespeople advise new agents: “If you are not selling, you are marketing.” While the real estate industry is among the first to adopt new technology, some of the most effective marketing techniques are time tested methods that have been around for many years. One of the most effective is corporate just sold mailers. You should never abandon a proven method of generating business just because it seems basic. Here are three benefits of using just sold mailers.

Targeted marketing

Online advertising is cheap and easy to incorporate into your business. Its biggest drawback is that the medium is over-saturated and easier to ignore than direct mail. With corporate just sold mailers, you can target the prospects you want with information you know they are interested in knowing. You can filter your mailing list according to factors like age, income level, and the amount of time they have been at their residence to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Drive website traffic

The National Association of REALTORS report “Real Estate in a Digital Age” finds that many home buyers use their mobile device to search for homes. The statistics for each age bracket are as follows: Ninety-four percent of Millennials search for homes online. Eighty-four percent of Baby Boomers search online for their next home. Sixty-five percent of the Silent Generation obtained information on homes from online sources. But not every home seller or buyer has a smartphone. Mailers can direct potential buyers and sellers to your website for more information on your services.

Easily measurable results

You can check the effectiveness of any mailing campaign with clearly measurable results that occur within days of your corporate just sold mailers reaching the mailboxes. You should get emails, new registrations for your website, and requests for more information. You can choose which call-to-action you want and how to best track the results. Corporate just sold mailers have a proven track record and do not require that prospects download an app in order to work.

Here are some examples of great just sold mailer designs.