3 Outside-of-the-Box Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads

If you’re a mortgage lender, you struggle with getting new clients. So you reach out to current customers and past clients, network with realtors, and create targeted marketing campaigns. While there’s no shortage of ways to generate leads from your database, you might feel there aren’t any approaches you haven’t tried. Here are three outside-of-the-box ideas to generate mortgage leads you may not have heard about.

Innovative Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best known as a social media networking site for professionals, but for lenders, it’s also a golden opportunity to find leads. The platform has over 300 million members, many of whom are in a healthy financial state to purchase a home. For paid subscribers, LinkedIn sends a notice each week of who has viewed their profile. Why not use this feature to do marketing? Simply click on a good number of profiles each day. A certain percentage will take a look at who viewed them – in other words, your profile – where they can learn more about the products and services you offer.

  1. Create a Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook is much more than a place to connect with family and friends. It’s a powerful tool for generating leads. The search bar at the top of your Facebook page can be used to find all sorts of people and things, so why not use it to find mortgage leads? Search for hashtags like #moving, #househunting, and #buyinghouse. Research the specific areas that your target demographics live in, and then message the individuals who have posted. Bonus: you can do the same technique with Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Network with Divorce Lawyers

Divorce attorneys are a great source of referrals. When couples divorce, it’s not uncommon for them to sell the house they shared and each buy their own new home. To meet lawyers, join your local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club, or ask to speak at a Family Law function.

Use social media and good old networking in new ways to create a layered mortgage lead generation strategy. Be creative and remember that an innovative lead generation strategy is really about a series of actions, not a single dramatic event.