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3 Outside-the-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas

A successful real estate marketing strategy requires more than generating new leads and cultivating a professional business profile. Successful agents actively seek out new referrals and leads. They take advantage of social media, refine their people skills, and establish an effective local presence. Here are three creative real estate marketing ideas that can get more business from your existing client base and attract new business.

  1. Create engaging photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube of behind-the-scenes footage on what it’s like to be a real estate agent. It’s a great way to show customers the human side of your agency and builds trust in your brand. Highlighting your agents’ personalities means they’ll be remembered when local sellers and buyers are looking for representation.
  2. Develop a blog post series that showcases great local restaurants, outdoor activities, and entertainment opportunities. In addition to finding the home of their dreams, buyers want to live in a well-rounded community that offers them the lifestyle they dream of. Real estate agents talk to a lot of locals – making them some of the most well-informed people in the neighborhood. Put together a series that gives buyers the inside scoop on the “best of” venues in the area. Be sure to include places you personally enjoy so you can share honest, first-hand opinions.
  3. Design short-term branding for your real estate logo by paying homage to – but not outright copying – a well-known typeface or imagery from movies, TV shows, books, or musical acts. Tie each temporary logo into a film’s release, season premiere, etc. Pop culture symbols can be a fun way to show potential clients how down-to-earth your agency is!

Developing successful real estate marketing ideas that drive engagement levels through the roof can be a lot of fun. Use these out-of-the-box ideas to get across essential information to your customers in an entertaining way and find the leads you’ve been searching for.