3 Steps to Automating Your Corporate Marketing

With more marketing channels available today than ever before, automating corporate marketing is the best way to streamline marketing and ensure you maintain a consistent message and image across all the channels. Ideally, it will increase internal efficiency and keep your customers coming back.

Online and offline

Many larger companies today are hiring marketing employees and subscribing to marketing automation software to improve their website and online marketing. However, to meet their customer retention goals, they tend to lean on a marketing solutions provider to help with fulfillment of their ongoing outbound customer communications. Depending on their printing needs, they may be able to exponentially increase efficiency by investing in a corporate identity platform, a.k.a. white label storefront or custom printing portal.

Why it does not always work

shutterstock_247751419Many marketing automation investments fail because the marketers think all the tools needed for growth are included with the marketing automation software. When you do your part, marketing automation will help you organize, prioritize and execute all your marketing tasks in a highly efficient way. Successfully automating corporate marketing for your organization requires the following three steps.

1. Reevaluate marketing goals & strategy

For many marketers, their first step of automating corporate marketing is to simply automate what they are already doing. To get the most out of your newly acquired system, take the time to revisit your objectives and evaluate what your customers want. Prior to launching your marketing automation is a great time to do a customer survey. You can then use the results to initiate highly effective marketing strategies.

2. Keep it current

Your marketing automation must take into account the ever-changing behaviors of your leads. You cannot just rely on one channel. You have to constantly evaluate behavioral inputs from all channels and use that information to guide prospects into your marketing funnel. The primary goal of all marketing is to spur a specific action from the recipients.

3. Get help for the areas where you lack the resources

Maybe you need to hire a consultant or agency to help with your creative, design and messaging. Or, maybe you could increase efficiency by not doing all your own printing and start outsourcing it to someone who can do it better, faster, and cheaper. Another common area for lack of internal resources is database segmentation.

Marketing automation is about integrating marketing software with your strategies and capitalizing on the ever-evolving habits of your audience.

Other thinks to keep in mind

  • Protecting your brand
  • Regulations and compliance

What are your thoughts on how you could automate your corporate marketing?