Fall Contractor Marketing

4 Ideas for Fall Contractor Marketing

It’s time to start your contractor marketing campaigns for the autumn season. It’s starting to cool off, and there are many ways to use that to your company’s advantage. If you’re looking for creative ways to update your marketing strategy for the next season, here are four ideas for your fall contractor marketing.

1. Promote your profitable fall services.

Take a look at your most profitable services during this season and focus on promoting those even harder this year. Take a look back at your sales from last year to find out what service(s) were the most popular. Increase sales even more this year for each of those services.

2. Offer a back to school special.

It’s fall, and that means all the kids are heading back to school. Help their poor parents out with a back to school discount after they’ve overspent on school supplies and new clothes. Offering a discount or free add-on service can be a great way to bring in new business this season.

3. Send thank you messages.

Fall also brings the season of thanks with Thanksgiving. Take this opportunity to remind your past customers that you’re there for any of their contractor needs by sending them a mailing or email for being an incredible customer. Make it even better by sending them a discount or free add-on service along with their card.

4. Start a referral program.

Get your past customers to bring you new customers by offering a referral incentive. Put together a system that rewards a customer with either a monetary or service-based incentive for each new customer they send your way. Ensure that you outline it so that the new leads actually have to make a purchase and become a customer before the referrer gets their payment.

Let this fall season be an even more profitable season than last fall. Figure out how to add one or more of these fall contractor marketing tactics into your strategy.