4 Reasons Contractors Use Social Media

Is social media an avenue that can help your HVAC company? Unless your goal is to make it difficult for new customers to find you and contact you, then the answer is yes! Sure, you have other options, such as TV and print advertising, e-newsletters and direct mail, but social media is one of the most valuable outlets you have. It’s free (aside from your time), it’s easily accessible and millions of people are on every day.

Consider these four ways social media can help your HVAC company.

Help Your Customers Find You

You may have a professional website, but if no one knows about it, you’ll never generate traffic. Even if you’re the best HVAC company in town, your market share is probably lower than it should be if you’re not on social media.

If you recognize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and page rankings, you can’t ignore social media. What and how often you post – and whether your followers are sharing those posts – impacts your search engine rankings. In this way, social media and SEO work together to make your website more accessible to people looking for your services.

Gain More Customers

If you’re trying to grow your customer base, marketing should be top priority. Social media helps in this regard by giving you the chance to promote your business and build your reputation. There’s no cost to sign up on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Simply post special offers, create promotions and launch other marketing campaigns on these ready-to-use platforms. However, you don’t always want to post sales messages. Be sure to include resources, educational articles or videos, and valuable information for your customers, to help claim your authority in your area and industry.

Imagine a Facebook user asking her friends who the best HVAC company is for maintenance, repairs or another service. Her friends offer suggestions and one even provides a link to your Facebook business page. Everyone wants to be the friend who saves the day, so in this way, loyal customers have an easy way to spread the word.

Of course, you can always take it one step further by running paid advertisements, such as promoted page posts on Facebook, to reach even more users. The more people who see your posts, the more people are likely to click on a link taking them to your website where they can schedule services from your HVAC company.

Keep in Touch

If you’re like most HVAC companies, you make at least 25 percent of your income from loyal returning customers. Keeping in touch is vital to staying top of mind and maintaining that loyalty. Social media provides an easy, low- to no-cost way to communicate with your customers and keep them informed of your latest deals and coupons. As long as they know you still have something to offer, your customers are likely to continue choosing you over the competition.

Get Feedback

Customer feedback is the key to knowing what you’re doing right and what you need to improve. Social media is the place customers go to talk, both to get advice from each other and to offer companies feedback. It’s time you joined the conversation.

Picture a customer who had a bad experience working with your company because of a faulty piece of equipment. He’s angry, so he posts a complaint on your social media page. Don’t ignore this kind of feedback! Instead, address the customer’s issue to prevent losing his business. This approach simultaneously increases your reputation with other social media users who see your customer service in action.