4 Things to Include In Your Next Real Estate Mailer

Direct mail is a great way to target a neighborhood or area. It lets your “farm” or target audience know more about your business, and it helps you stand out against your competition. When it comes to sending out real estate mailers, there are a few key things you need to add to get your audience’s attention.

The Three Things You Should Have in Your Real Estate Mailers

  1. Pictures of Homes: It is important to focus on your business, and that business is real estate. To do this, add pictures of homes you have for sale in your local area or photos and prices of homes you have sold. Adding this gives your target an idea of what the market is doing right now and how you can help them.
  2. Make Your Name Stand Out: It is important that your target audience recognizes your name and company brand. There is no use getting everything right only for people not to find your name. Have your name stand out on the mailer, whether it is in a larger font, printed in a different color, or added to both sides of the mailer. Most agents and teams are including their photos on their pieces as well for even more recognition.
  3. The Right Information: When sending out real estate mailers, you should have an idea of the area and audience you are marketing to. When you have an idea, you should also know what sellers and buyers in that area are looking for. This might be market information, selling and buying tips, foreclosures, or what is happening in the community. Once you know the information your audience is looking for, be sure to feature this information in your real estate mailers.
  4. An Easy Way To Respond: Aside from the obvious methods of including your phone number, email address and website, consider having an online landing page to capture responses. Include selections such as whether your recipient is interested in a free market analysis or a private showing of one of your listings.

If you have sent out direct mail pieces and have found that your response is less than lackluster, the help of real estate marketing professionals can make a big difference. Are you in charge of marketing for your team? If so, what is your favorite style/theme for a real estate mailer?