HVAC Sales

4 Traits of a Star HVAC Salesperson

One of the most important jobs for a business owner to do is learn how to hire the best employees. If you constantly have star employees working for you, you won’t have to worry about your business as much.

Here are four traits of a star HVAC sales employee so you know what to look for in your hiring.

1. A positive attitude.

Sales can be tough, especially because there will always be instances where your salespeople are going to get a big “No.” Knowing that you have an HVAC sales team that is outgoing and always has a positive attitude ensures you that they can keep on trucking until they get the “Yes.”

2. They observe and pick up non-verbal cues.

It’s essential for your salespeople to be able to pick up on cues from the customer without anyone having to say anything. A good salesperson observes the situation or conversation and knows how to respond in a way that moves the situation forward. If there’s an unhappy customer, or an unsure prospect, they know what to say to turn things around.

3. They love their customers.

You know you’ve found a valuable member of your sales team if they are always going above and beyond for their clients because they care. It’s one thing if your salesperson is just all about getting the commission check. It’s another thing if they’re working hard and taking care of customers because they genuinely care.

4. They take action.

A good salesperson is not going to sit around waiting for the sales leads to come rolling in. They take action. They go after potential leads. Once they’ve understood the sales process, they’re on the go making things happen.

Finding that star HVAC salesperson might seem like a difficult job, but if you look for these four traits, you’ll know you’ve got the right one.