4 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Small business marketing relies heavily on website generated traffic in many cases. A cost-effective solution to helping you get more customers, your website should be a great benefit to your brand.

If you’re not turning landing page visitors into customers though, you could be getting less from your website than you bargained for. Use these four tips to help increase landing page conversions as part of your small business marketing strategy.

Create Strong Headlines

Headline copy that grabs people’s attention is essential for a landing page. The fact is that most consumers will read your headline, but if they don’t find something interesting that will hold their attention there, they won’t be clicking through to the rest of your site.

Spend more time creating strong headlines and you should see your landing page conversions go up considerably.

Don’t Forget Images

Strong headlines and great copy are essential for boosting landing page conversions for small business marketing. Even strong headlines won’t hold or keep every consumer’s attention though.

Instead of relying solely on words, try including images as part of your landing page strategy. Included along with strong headlines, you’ll get many more click-throughs and hold the attention of even the most scattered of web surfers.

Consider Video

If strong headlines and pictures can’t keep their attention, there’s only one thing that will. That’s video.

While you might not want an automatic-play video, having something for consumers to watch right on your landing page can help increase conversions dramatically.

Improve Your Call to Action

Buttons that help customers reach out to you should be a huge part of your landing page. Without them, you’re asking customers to do all of the work when it comes to contacting you. The fact is that some simply won’t without a little nudge.

Create a clear call to action and you’ll land more customers and clients through your website.

Your landing page is important,and creating a beneficial one isn’t impossible. Use these tips and your landing page can be a big part of your small business marketing strategy.