4 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Marketing More Effective

There’s plenty of information out there regarding effective real estate marketing, so to get you thinking about some fresh ideas for 2016, we’ve pulled together four of the best ideas available right now. The focus is still on inbound, with an eye towards reducing the amount of time you need to spend on your marketing efforts—time that can be better spent closing the deal!

Referral/Retention Programs Rock

Happy customers want you to stay in business, so they’re always willing to help make that happen. A study put out by Nielsen reported that 92% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, more than all other forms of marketing. But don’t just wait for clients to refer you—ask them to. The same study showed that only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals, even though 91% of consumers said they’re willing to give them.

Creative Email Subject Lines

You already know it’s important to grow your email list for marketing purposes, but you need to make sure those emails are actually being opened. You’ll be best served if you keep it casual and use it to address a need your client may have:

Before: Modernize Your Kitchen with These New Fixtures and Finishes

After: Do you dream of modernizing your kitchen on a small budget?

Embrace Your Database

Make this the year you finally put your client database to use as an effective real estate marketing tool. Getting consistent with client follow-up as well as prospecting within your specialized niche will provide huge returns in the long run.

Convert Window Shoppers to Buyers

Use retargeting to help covert would-be homebuyers into clients. Retargeting works by tracking visitors to your website, and then, when those viewers visit other sites online, displaying your retargeting ads to them.

Unless you have the time to devote to doing your marketing, you may find it most productive to use an outside service to do it for you.