Automatic Thank You Cards Can Free Up Your Staff, While Boosting Your Brand

thank you program, Halo ProgramsWould you like to learn about one simple but effective tactic that can give your business an advantage over the competition? Consider using an automatic thank you card program. Keeping in touch with your customers via this personalized tool will help increase not only customer retention and boost customer loyalty, but it will also help to generate leads.

At first thought, you may not give much credibility to personalized, automatic thank you cards, especially with the attention that social media tools are getting. But this marketing tool get results, and for several reasons:

  • A program that automatically sends out a thank you card, based on your selection of a prompt, which could be after a sale or interaction with your customer service team, will allow your staff to focus on more pressing tasks.
  • Personalized mail in general has the highest open rate of all forms of marketing communications. In fact, some experts give a greeting card a nearly perfect score in terms of how many recipients will actually open them.
  • There’s generally no better way to reach out to your customers than a personalized thank you card. In today’s world, where consumers are bombarded with ads and messages at an astounding rate, they will often pause to open a personalized card from someone they know.

The positive performance of personalized cards should not entice business owners to abandon other forms of marketing, such as email marketing and other direct mail; rather, its success should convince companies to rethink how they market their brand. As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, thank you cards will help you to further brand awareness, creating an emotional bond with your customers while building trust.

Why not give automatic thank you cards the attention they deserve? The experts at Halo Programs will work with you to develop a company branded thank you card program designed to increase customer retention and generate leads. Fill out the request information form on our blog if you’d like more details.

Thank you card image via Shutterstock