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Brand Consistency Marketing Gives Everyone The Same Playbook

Do your marketing and sales reps know how your brand consistency marketing plan works? If they don’t, that lack of information is likely to stymie your efforts. By putting together an effective program to promote brand consistency, you’ll increase revenue and drive growth. 

When a new prospect lead comes in, your strategic brand consistency marketing program should begin with a communication that introduces the potential customer to your business and follows up with pieces that build on the initial communication. Every employee who works with lead generation must understand how the program works, which marketing mailer to lead with, and how to proceed with the communications.

Brand consistency marketing also works effectively with existing customers. The first year of a customer retention program that combines brand consistency with effective marketing may look like this:

  • Once the customer makes a purchase, the program sends a thank-you card via snail mail, which includes a response form requesting a referral.
  • A personalized e-mail is sent with a link to an online customer satisfaction survey.
  • A follow-up customer satisfaction survey is mailed during the next week if the customer did not fill it out online.
  • Within six months of the purchase, your business sends a letter, which includes a questionnaire.
  • At the close of the year, a greeting card is sent, along with a response card showcasing your product portfolio for cross selling.

Within the span of a year, your business communicates four times with each customer. Every touch point takes advantage of the opportunity to educate the customer about your products and services, keeping the lines of communication open with convenient options for customer replies. The cycle continues over the next few years with a continuing cycle of communications.

With a strategic plan for using enticing copy and psychological factors to persuade, your brand consistency marketing plan just got a lot easier. Further — and perhaps one of the more significant perks — every employee has access to the same branded and effective tools.

Share your thoughts on this topic. Is four times a year a good number when it comes to customer outreach?

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