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Branding Your Firm Through Compelling Experiential Marketing

Branding ExperienceTechniques for branding your firm take many forms, but one that’s gaining more attention among marketers is experiential marketing. This type of marketing focuses not just on your products and services, but on creating an experience that draws in your customers and engages them physically, intellectually or emotionally. Here are some ways you can use experiential marketing for branding your firm and giving your customers something to remember.

  • Sponsor an event – Put on an event, show or performance that will get your customers’ attention and put them in a position to see your message. This could be a musical performance, a play by a local theater group, a series of lectures, or a small children’s entertainment event. Events that appeal to customers’ children can be especially effective at building an emotional connection between your company and your customers. In-store face painting, balloon giveaways and similar offerings are relatively easy and inexpensive to sponsor.
  • Intensify your decor – If your business supports it, decorate the office and retail space to correspond with the type of products and services you offer. Themed restaurants are popular examples of this technique, where the decorations, staff clothing and the food are based on a particular subject. A retail sporting goods store, for example, could include a jungle room designed to appeal to customers’ sense of adventure. A home improvement store could have functional demonstrations and models of devices and tools.
  • Invite customers in – Hold a night time event at your store where you invite customers to come in. Provide refreshments, entertainment and prizes to accompany the product information and subtle marketing messages you’ll be presenting.
  • Shoot some video – Produce entertaining, informative or emotionally strong video content connecting your company to customer experiences. Include your products or services and present them in a way that shows them as the best solution to the problems or situations seen in the video. Build a compelling narrative and tell a story with your video.

Could experiential marketing improve your efforts at branding your firm and spreading the word about your products and services?

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