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CEOs Using Social Media Make an Impact – 7 Practical Tips for Success

Social media comprises a major component of the communications used to establish and maintain your company’s overall reputation and presence. CEOs and social media are a logical combination for companies that want to forge meaningful connections with customers while sustaining an edge over competitors.

Here are seven tips you can use right now to improve your success with social media.

  1. Use all the tools that are available: The world of social media continues to grow, providing many channels that a CEO can use to communicate about the company. Twitter is fine, Facebook is essential, but search out other social media platforms relevant to your industry and participate there as well.
  2. Maintain a blog: A blog is a fundamental piece of social media interaction. With a blog, you can communicate frequently and directly with customers while creating a long-term repository of information and insight.
  3. Use the company website to its best advantage: Your company website is the information source most people will turn to first. Use your site as a place to deliver meaningful content in multiple formats, from video to blog postings.
  4. Write your own material: When possible, write your own blog postings and social media communications. This will give you a much better viewpoint on how social media is working for you. Customer interest will be increased if they know they’re getting material directly from the CEO.
  5. Strike a balance in tone: When writing social media content, be conversational and informal. Look for a tone between formal business communication and the too-loose style you might use with close friends and family.
  6. Stay informed: Recognize that social media is a vital part of content creation and distribution. As this technology advances and evolves, make all possible efforts to stay informed of and involved with new developments.
  7. Communicate with stakeholders as well as customers: Social media allows you to connect with important people at all levels of your company. Consider establishing exclusive social media venues for stockholders, upper management, field managers and other important stakeholders.

Now that you know how CEOs and social media can work together, how can you use participation in social media to improve your company’s position with customers?

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