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When Client Retention Rises, Profits Usually Follow — 9 Ways to Keep Them Happy

Substantial profits can come from repeat customers, and well-crafted and applied client retention strategies are the key to repeat business. Here are nine simple but effective ways to keep customers coming back to you.

  1. Maintain shared ideals: Customers appreciate companies that share their attitudes, social values and related characteristics. Once you’ve clearly identified your target market, align your business practices with the ideals and values of that group.
  2. Get to know your customers: Find out what your customers need, want and are willing to pay for. Spending more time with your customers creates a relaxed and comfortable environment they’ll appreciate.
  3. Make it easy to do business with you: Streamline your business processes to make it easy for customers to browse and buy. Imagine your most difficult customer and apply techniques used with that customer to everyone.
  4. Give back: Devote a portion of your budget to reward programs or customer appreciation. Even a small reward will help create a sense of appreciation and the likelihood of reciprocity through increased loyalty.
  5. Communicate with them: Keep your company and salespeople in front of your customers with systematic multichannel marketing campaigns.
  6. Use proven sales terms: Customer response has been shown to improve when certain terms are used, such as “new,” or “instantly.” As long as these words can be backed up, customers will respond to them.
  7. Provide personalized service: Make suggestions or recommendations based on what you know about your customers. Offer something additional, such as a small discount or extra product, that makes customers think you are giving them a special deal.
  8. Establish membership programs: Provide a multi-level customer discount or loyalty program to reward your best customers. Include at least two levels; customers are more likely to join at a higher level when their are two or more tiers to membership.
  9. Opt for quality instead of speed: Fast customer service has its place, but your clients are more likely to appreciate friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service representatives who take a little more time.

What else could you to do to boost your client retention rates even further?

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