Halo Programs Announces New Website Launch

Press Release

Walled Lake, MI, October 3, 2011 – Halo Programs, Inc. launched a newly redesigned website to create a one-stop marketing solution for lead generation and customer retention for businesses in virtually any industry.

Due to current market conditions businesses are relying on their existing customers more than ever. Halo Programs, Inc. realized the need for a one-stop website offering business marketing information and lead generation and customer retention services.

As explained by Kirk King, President of Halo Programs, “The redesigned website is another step Halo Programs is taking to advance our technology and continue being the leader in customer retention and lead generation turn key business marketing solutions.”

The main topics of the new haloprograms.com are:

· Industries Halo Programs serves/marketing trends

· 100% turn key customized marketing solutions designed for any business

· Marketing solutions for generating leads from past customers, getting referrals, customer retention, cross selling and up selling, and prospecting sales

· Technology supporting Halo Programs’ automated marketing solutions

· General information about Halo Programs

· Testimonials/marketing success stories from Halo Programs’ satisfied clients

· Login to EMPOWER, Halo Programs’ secure database management system for clients

· The all-new Halo Programs Blog focusing on current marketing trends and marketing solutions along with product and services updates

Features of the new website include new navigation tools optimizing the user experience, enhanced “Solutions” pages describing details about Halo Programs’ services, simple and clean design, better organization of content, and an online “Request Information” form.

Since 1973, Halo Programs has been setting industry standards in the design and implementation of lead generating and customer retention marketing programs. Halo Programs’ marketing solutions focus on building customer loyalty and sales leads generation. Halo Programs’ marketing campaigns are complete turn-key solutions which generate referrals and repeat business as well as maximize cross selling and up selling opportunities. Halo Programs has advanced technology that allows for highly flexible and customizable marketing campaigns.

For more information:

Toll Free: 800-521-0026

Website: https://haloprograms.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/continuityprograms