Contractor Marketing

Contractor Business: 4 Local Marketing Tips

When you run a local business, your marketing strategy is going to be a little different from an online business or brand. There are only a couple of specific geographical regions that you need to focus your marketing efforts on, and certain digital platforms that you should be using over others. In order to reach your people, here are a few local marketing tips to include in your contractor marketing strategy.

1. Have a presence on online review sites.

You’ll want to utilize two or three of the most popular review sites. This will help your search engine ranking, let users know that you’re prevalent in the industry, and give you a platform to listen to your customers’ experiences.

At the very least, you should be using your Facebook page and a Google Business page to receive reviews. When you claim and optimize your Google Business profile, you’re filling out all of the information that Google autopopulates in search results when someone searches for your business.

2. Define your service area and saturate it.

Use an automated contractor marketing system to not only keep in touch with your customers, but market to their neighbors as well. You can win over the neighborhood, with a plan to reach out and make it happen.

3. Using digital advertising to target your local audience.

Facebook advertising and search engine marketing can be used to target a specific geographical location with your ads. This means that you’re only paying to promote your business to people who live in the same area that your business operates. You won’t be wasting any money or effort by promoting your business to people that are not in your location.

4. Sponsor local events.

Another great way to get your name out in your community is by sponsoring or participating in local events. If there’s a farmer’s market, county fair, cook-off, or any other fun local event, get in contact with the event coordinator about being a part of it. This way, locals who attend the event will hear about your business. If you can get a booth, include cards, brochures, and more.

What have you done locally to generate the best results from your contractor marketing strategy?