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Contractor Marketing: Local Community Involvement

Your contractor marketing involves a lot more than simply your online presence and your local advertising. In fact, a great way to get the word out about your company is local community involvement. What do you do around town to get people to take notice of you?

Here are a few ways to get started on your local contractor marketing strategy.

1. Sponsor a local event.

There are probably a ton of events going on around your community. Find an event that’s looking for sponsors so you can get your name on all of their marketing materials and in front of their attendees.

Make sure you’re looking for events that your target demographic goes to. You don’t want to sponsor an event that puts you in front of all the wrong people.

2. Donate to a local charity or organization.

Run a promotion and let your customers know that a portion of all revenue within a certain time period will be going to a particular local charity. Do things like this regularly to give back to your community and get your business name out there as one who likes to help out around town.

3. Plan and host events.

Go above and beyond sponsoring events: why not plan and host your own event? This could be an open house if you move to a new building, or a block party for a holiday to get your community members out and about.

4. Volunteer in the community.

Every quarter, come up with a new volunteer initiative for your team to work on. Going above and beyond as a business and volunteering for local organizations is a great way to get people talking positively about your business. Of course, you also want to do this simply to do something good and not only for the recognition, but a win-win situation is never a bad thing!

Start looking for ways to get involved in your community and get your business name out there. Any leads or customers you get from these events need to be put in your database for follow-up marketing and continued communication.