Newsletter Creation

Contractor Marketing: Tips for Newsletter Creation

Sending out a newsletter consistently (weekly, monthly or quarterly) is a great way to stay top of mind for your email list. Building and nurturing an email list is also one of the most effective lead generation and conversion strategies in digital marketing.

But how do you get started on your first newsletter? Sitting and staring at a blank template in your email service provider’s dashboard can be pretty intimidating. Here are a few tips to get started with your newsletter creation.

1. Create a consistent header.

There are a couple of ways to do this that make sense for your contractor marketing strategy. You could use your business’s logo, or you could name your email newsletter and create a graphic with your brand colors and fonts that includes the name of your email newsletter and your business name.

Whatever you choose, be sure that it’s consistent and stays at the top of each of your newsletters for branding purposes.

2. Make it digestible.

No one wants to open their email to a long wall of text. Instead, break up your newsletter with subheadings, short paragraphs, links, and visuals, to help your readers read it more easily and find exactly what they’re looking for. Here are some example contractor email templates.

3. Include a call to action.

Although you don’t want every one of your newsletters to be promotional (you want some to simply be educational and offer valuable content and information to your email list), you still want to include a call to action of some type in every newsletter.

This could be anything: a link to a recent blog post, a link to a lead generating landing page, a “Forward to a Friend” button, a discount code, a call-now, or schedule appointment call to action. Your contractor marketing strategy relies on you telling your customers exactly what move you want them to make next, which is why calls to action are so important.

Don’t be intimidated by your newsletter creation. Every email marketing service has templates for guidance. Simply insert your logo, brand colors, and content, and you’re ready to roll!