Contractor Marketing

Contractor Marketing: Winning the Low Price War

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to contractor marketing is trying to win out over your competitors with your pricing structure. As a contractor, it’s not always possible to offer the lowest prices, especially when your pricing corresponds with your experience level and quality of work.

When we talk about the price war, we’re talking about competitors in a shared market racing each other to try to get to the bottom line by offering the lowest prices. This can work for some businesses —¬†we’ve all seen gas stations on opposite corners start lowering and lowering their cost per gallon.

However, it can also be the death of your business when you consistently try to win out over other businesses by offering the lowest prices. Here are a few ways to win the price war without having to offer the lowest available cost and without giving up your business’ integrity and quality of work.

1. Show where your business provides value.

By showing the quality of your contract work in comparison to your competitors, you’re giving your potential customers the realization that cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to customer service. When your contractors are regularly checking in, double checking to make sure everything was done right, and going back for quality checks every so often, you’re offering something valuable that many of your competitors won’t.

2. Stay firm on prices but offer free content.

Your contractor marketing strategy should include a strong content marketing aspect. You can use content marketing to offer more free content to your customers, like blog posts, infographics, videos, how-tos, and tutorials.

This way, you’re providing even more value for potential and current customers, but you’re able to stay firm on your pricing. When you do your contract work, your customers won’t expect more for less because you’re already offering a lot of value for free.