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Create Stronger Ties With Your Customers With These Tips

A good business/customer relationship means you’ve competently provided what they want or need. They are pleased with the transaction and are likely to come back for your products and services again. Here are some useful ways to create stronger ties with your customers and ensure both you and they get the maximum benefit from your interaction.

  • Create an optimal customer experience: Know what you want your customers to experience when they engage with your company, then design policies, procedures and techniques that will deliver that experience. This does not mean rigid adherence to scripts or inflexible sales behavior. Instead, it means devising a set of clearly defined conditions and interactions that give your customers the best possible experience.
  • Know what drives and motivates your customers: Your customers’ subconscious attitudes, intangible perceptions and emotional reactions may influence them more strongly than quality, price or service. Understand your customers and what they believe, want and consider valuable. Align your brand to reflect those factors.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence: Hire and encourage employees who display high levels of emotional intelligence, the ability to perceive and react to emotional changes in clients. Given the importance of emotions in buying decisions, you will benefit from having employees who can effectively and intuitively navigate this area.
  • Be authentic: Create and nurture authentic relationships with your customers. Recognize that one-on-one interaction is, in the end, the basis of successful business transactions. Encourage your reps to get to know customers on a first-name basis and to have a sincere respect for them. Find an area of personal connection and use it to build a cordial relationship.
  • Make small but meaningful gestures: Larger-scale transactions may be common in your company, but your client relationships will be solidified by smaller things. Send birthday or anniversary cards, or simply call occasionally to check in. Understand what will improve convenience and usability, then arrange your products and services to reflect that.

How could you make your customers’ experiences better, and at the same time improve your business relationship and create stronger ties with your customers?

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