Creative Ideas for the Best Sold Postcards

In real estate, if you’re not busy selling, you’re busy marketing. And while there are many impressive ways to market, one of the most proven techniques is sending out just sold real estate postcards. Real estate postcards have endured the test of time for good reason—they work. With the right design and lead generation built in, they’re one of the most effective print marketing you can do. Click here to see some popular design examples.

Just Sold Postcards

The property may already be sold, but celebrating your success with the community is a very effective way to promote your real estate business. The best just sold postcards also incorporate lead generation and act as testimonials from the owners who trusted you to handle their sales.

It isn’t easy these days for realtors to stand out, so it’s important to be as creative as possible in the design of your just sold postcards. Since this is a time of celebration, communicate that feeling in your postcard by trying one or more of these ideas.

  • Tell a Story. You’re good at what you do and you’ve just proven it, so let everyone know with a just sold postcard that includes more than an address and sold for price. Tell a brief story about who bought the home: first time newlyweds, empty nesters, etc.
  • Use Great Photos. Don’t be shy—let people see and know who you are. Include a personal impact with photos of yourself as well as photos of the home that sold.
  • Use Both Sides. Keep postcards concise, and include a call to action to both sides of your postcard that directs people to your website.
  • Generate Leads. Consider including easy ways for prospects to respond, such as a postage-paid reply cards, personalized web pages (also known as PURLs), and QR codes.

If you’re a real estate professional, do you have any other creative just sold postcards ideas that have worked for you?