Why Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns Hit The Mark — No Matter What You’re Selling

cross media marketing campaigns Whenever you decide to begin a new marketing campaign, the end result should provide a significant return on the investment, or ROI. That’s why it’s important for businesses to take the time to evaluate the best strategy moving forward, one that will get results. Cross-media marketing campaigns could be just what you’re looking for — they get results and they don’t discriminate based on industry.

Hitting your target consumer across media channels is imperative in today’s technology-driven society. That’s because consumers use a whole host of technologies — along with traditional forms — to find information about a product or service, and to buy.  Ignoring any of these channels — email marketing or postal mailings for instance — can cost you valuable access to your target market.

And the results of cross-media marketing campaigns prove their value:

  • Companies that use multiple marketing channels get a better response from consumers.
  • Studies have shown that cross-media marketing campaigns can generate a huge ROI, often higher than 10 to 1.
  • For example, a customer satisfaction survey can produce significant ROI. Halo Programs’ surveys generally garner a 25 percent or higher response rate.
  • A cross-media strategy allows you to communicate using a unique combination of materials to touch a variety of consumers, and according to how they use technology.

Cross-media marketing campaigns give you the ultimate in flexibility and allow you to cover the essential bases in lead-generating activities and customer retention. Some of the creative ways that businesses can implement cross-media tools:

  • High-quality digital print marketing mailings including QR Codes pointing to your website or customized landing page.
  • Email marketing programs systematically scheduled around the company branded mailings you are sending to your customer database.
  • Company branded, personalized programs, combining printed Greeting Cards and E-card communications.
  • Personalized emails sent to customers alerting them you are sending them a special offer in the mail.
  • Postal mailings, which include postage-paid replies, and email programs, which include online reply forms, that are designed to generate leads, up-sell and cross-sell your products and generate referrals.

Why not take advantage of cross-media marketing campaigns customized to your business brand and your target market? Contact Halo Programs today to find out more about how you can take your marketing campaigns across media channels, and boost your ROI.

Marketing image via Shutterstock.