Customer Database Programs Make Marketing More Efficient

If you’re like most business owners, you have one major asset you’re not using fully: your customer database. Third-party customer database programs can give you an easy way to tap that gold mine you’re already sitting on. You’ll have an easy, effective way to keep your customers loyal and bring in fresh leads.

  • Hands-free organization – Ever wish you could hand over your customer database management to an expert to organize and maintain? Third-party customer database programs make it possible. For example, database managers can regularly check your customers’ mailing addresses against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database so you won’t waste money trying to contact people at outdated addresses.
  • Greater storage capacity – Chances are if you’re having trouble managing the data you have, you’re not feeling inclined to gather more. That means you’re probably missing out on information that would allow you to personalize and target your marketing for greater profits. Customer database programs can help you find efficient ways to collect and use more data.
  • Easy access – A good database management system allows daily 24-hour online access to your customer database. What’s more, when your customer data are well organized and regularly maintained, you’ll be able to find the information you need faster. Most systems also let you create easy-to-read reports of selected data.
  • Full control – Letting a professional manage your customer data doesn’t mean giving up control. Customer database programs let you update and organize your data when and how it suits you. If your database is managed by a company that also offers customer retention programs, you’ll be able to order marketing campaigns directly through your database management system.

Tracking your customers’ purchases and preferences, creating personalized marketing campaigns and following up at the right points in the purchase cycle are all essential for building a loyal base of repeat buyers. To do these things effectively, though, you need to have a good handle on your customer database.

Do you feel you’re getting as much as you can be out of your customer database? If you’re not, is your greatest challenge collecting data, managing it or something else?

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