multichannel marketing communications

Customers Expect Multichannel Marketing Communications

Whether or not you agree with the “marketing rule of seven,” it’s undeniable that the more times people in your target market hear about your company, the more likely they are to become customers. 

A well-developed multichannel marketing plan not only increases the chances your potential customers will notice you, but it also lets them hear about you in a variety of contexts. Appearing in more than one media venue lends credibility to your company in the eyes of today’s consumers. Offering multiple ways to get in touch with you, including through social media sites, is another must in today’s market.

Multichannel marketing also gives you more ways to maintain your relationships with past customers, who are some of your best sources of referrals and warm leads.

Keep it consistent

There’s a real danger in launching into multichannel marketing without a plan, though. With so many types of media to manage, it’s all too easy to get disorganized and allow your branding to become inconsistent. Fail to keep your brand strong and you lose a major part of your competitive edge, and with it, your potential leads.

If you expect to attract your ideal customers, your print, online, and other material should announce your individual brand loud and clear. Just sticking your logo on everything you send out won’t cut it. To truly express your brand consistently, your graphic design, copy writing style, and even your contact schedule should all be customized.

Putting it together
QR codes provide a good example of why consistency matters in multichannel marketing. QR codes on your printed material help readers go straight to your online material, where they can fill in a response form or sign up for your mailing list. But it’s that very ease that makes it essential to create a smooth, consistently branded transition between print and online.

When you’ve set out to attract leads for your business, what ways have you found to keep your branding strong across multiple marketing channels?

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