Effective Ways to Follow-Up with Prospects and Clients

Clients are more concerned than ever with hearing from your company after you make a sales pitch or complete a transaction. The most effective customer retention strategies utilize follow-up communication in an eye-catching way.

Client follow up
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If you want to stay ahead of the competition, employ these effective follow-up strategies to boost business.

Be Quick

Following-up immediately after your meeting with clients gives you the best chance of closing the sale when your pitch is fresh in their minds.

Stop Being So Pushy

High-pressure sales are a thing of the past, so work on being helpful without using sales-y language. Remember that being overly demanding can come off as desperation, so tone it down.

Show That You Listen

If your client mentioned a personal preference or an upcoming trip, find an article that relates to the topic and send it in your follow-up. Connecting with clients about a personal topic discussed during a meeting will show that you really listen.

Extend an Invitation

People like to be included, and that goes for clients, too. Traditional sales tactics tend to make clients wary, but an invitation to an event like a networking night, open house, trade show or a presentation tends to be received well.

Reiterate the Best Parts of Your Conversation

In your role as a salesperson, you can tell when a client is interested in what you are saying. That’s why you should reiterate all of the points that left clients excited during the conversation when you follow-up.

Start a Newsletter

Clients can sign up for your newsletter through your website, and this email communication can prove to be a valuable tool for following up. Include information about upcoming events to improve your sales opportunities, but be sure to use some human-interest stories related to your products or services to really connect with clients.

Follow-up After The Sale

Put a client retention program in place to keep in touch and generate referrals and leads from your satisfied customers after the transaction is done. A combination of email and print mail over a period of at least five years, will prove to increase your repeat and referral business. How long after the sale do you forget your salesperson’s name if they don’t keep it in front of you?

How do you follow-up to ensure repeat customer business and better sales? What are some customer retention strategies that you utilize?