Well-designed Business Card

Elements of a Well-Designed Business Card

Have you ever received a business card that stands out from others? There may be several you have seen that were exceptionally well made. A business card is an inexpensive and quick way to make a lasting impression. Regardless of your final business card design, be sure to include these core elements.

Your company brand. To achieve a full representation of your company brand in the minds of consumers, you must reinforce your image at every opportunity. Your brand should be consistent across every touch point with customers. There should be a level of consistency with the business cards of every person who represents your company.

Your company logo. Your logo does not have to dominate the card, but it should be immediately obvious which company is represented on the business card. Your logo is a simple statement that immediately conveys trust to anyone who receives a business card from one of your team members.

A concise message. When you hand someone a business card, they are going to examine it. You have their attention and a powerful opportunity to convey the mission of your company. The fewer words the better. You want to take advantage of the valuable advertising space provided by a well-designed business card but avoid a cluttered appearance.

A Few Things to Avoid

A well-designed business card does not have to be especially fancy or elaborate. Avoid fonts that are difficult to read. Too many points of contact can also be confusing. Provide people with just one or two ways to make contact. A business card is a tool people use to make contact at a later date. Websites and brochures are for marketing your products and services. If your business card is succinct and clear, people will be more likely to hold onto it.