contractor marketing

Examples of Contractor Marketing Campaigns That Generate Leads


Contractor marketing is a very specific niche where reputation, reliability, and timing come together in ways unlike many other industries.  Staying at the top of your customers’ minds and competing in an industry filled with professionals of all prices and levels of quality is far from easy, but the right contractor marketing can put you leaps above the competition.

Here are a few examples of contractor marketing that is meant to generate leads:

  • Surveys.  People like to be heard, and when you give them the chance to voice their opinions and talk about their experiences—good or bad—you can learn a lot about how you’re seen by your customers.  Honest feedback allows you to learn about your successes and identify opportunities.  Not to mention, negative surveys put you in an excellent position to do a little reputation management and smooth over any unpleasant experiences. Your chances of repeat business and future referrals will dramatically increase. Make sure your survey is online and also mailed with a postage-paid reply envelope to make responding easy for your customers.
  • Emails.  It’s important to bear in mind that today’s consumers are busy people who have learned to subconsciously filter out anything that even remotely feels like spam.  Email blasts can be incredibly successful, but you have to have a certain savvy about your methods before you hit “send.”  Emails, when constructed well, can have a personal approach to them that will entice the recipients to want to engage with your company further.  Humanize your content so it feels like you took the time to write a note to each individual customer, and you might be surprised about the replies and requests for services.
  • Referral Cards.  When people need a contractor, they often rely on the positive experiences of others to make their decisions.  No better testimonial can be made than those that come directly from friends, family, and neighbors.  Referral cards allow your awesome work to tell a tale by way of word-of-mouth advertising.  Include one when you send a card thanking your customer for their business after installing a new furnace for them. Don’t forget to thank the person who referred you!

Here are some example contractor marketing campaigns that utilize these strategies to generate leads.