service tech performance

Field Service Tech Performance: Tips for Effective Evaulation

Your HVAC business doesn’t mean much if you don’t have awesome techs in the field who can do double duty by providing your customers with excellent customer service and superior skills.

Unfortunately, you’re seldom out in the field with your service team members, which can make it hard to evaluate the way they represent your business.

If you’re struggling to find ways to evaluate the service tech performance of your team, take heed of these tips:

1. Foster Channels for Feedback

Whether you use post-install satisfaction surveys¬†or follow-up calls, it’s imperative to get customer feedback.

Happy customers will readily tell you why they love your company, and displeased customers will provide you with valuable opportunities to make your business better.

2. Know the Numbers

Analytics aren’t just for finance and accounting anymore. Marketing metrics can be a window to success if you take the time to understand what the numbers are telling you.

Customer satisfaction ratings, average hours needed to complete jobs, and number of jobs completed will give you a solid baseline from which to work. From there, you can build out employee profiles with defined expectations as to what each of your techs should achieve.

3. Communicate Consistently

Communication is key in any environment, particularly in a field where your reps represent your business without you by their side.

Ask for your techs’ feedback, and make note of pitfalls and challenges that come up regularly. Communication helps level-set the organization, ensuring you’re all on the same page going forward.

4. Review Regularly

Don’t wait a year to tell a service tech how well (or poorly) he’s performing. Make feedback a regular part of your daily practice so you can gauge personnel and adjust assignments as needed.

Evaluating service tech performance is just one action that can bring your HVAC business more success. With proper contractor marketing, you can utilize your techs’ skills to boost your business.