Four Email Marketing Tips For Lead Generation

email marketing tipsAlready convinced that email marketing works? An effective campaign should inform consumers, increase your brand awareness and retain existing customers. But your strategy should also include factors that guarantee lead generation to maximize your efforts — and guarantee results.

Successful small businesses that use email marketing often create emails based on the following tips:

  • They use an effective draw to reel in customers and gain their attention: With a landing page on your website that offers relevant information, you can offer a specific marketing communication that your target consumers need and want. A white paper, free report, how-to guide or YouTube video are effective content marketing tools that get potential customers interested. Your email marketing should include a variety of these tools, and link directly to a specific landing page. This action can produce further interest in your products or services — and users may even forward your email to others.
  • They use email marketing to gain referrals: This process is often at the heart of a successful small business. But you don’t have to rely literally on word of mouth. Sending an email with an opportunity of a reward, for both the existing customer and the referral, is a proactive way to encourage referrals. And it benefits the customer.
  • They tell stories: Because email marketing is a low-cost means to communicate, you can use it to get your story out in the webosphere. Telling your story not only develops brand awareness, but it creates an emotional bond with customers, who begin to trust you and become familiar with your business.
  • They educate consumers and prove that your product or service works: If you can give your customers a glimpse of your products or services, you can generate interest and increase lead generation. At the same time, include testimonials or case studies from existing customers that show customers exactly how they will benefit.

Put your email marketing campaign to the test. Does it get results? At Halo Programs, we’re dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in generating leads from email marketing. Call us to find out more about our turn-key marketing solutions.

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