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5 Fundamentals of Creating a Strong Marketing Message

Marketing is critically important to any successful business, and a clear, concise and appealing marketing message is fundamental to promoting your products and services.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to identify what constitutes a strong and effective marketing message that communicates with a customer and shows how your products and services will solve their problems. Here are five basic steps you can use when creating a marketing message that attracts attention and prompts customers to buy what you have to offer.

Five Steps for Creating a Marketing Message

  1. Know your target market: Identify your target market, or the customers you’re actively selling to and want as clients. “Everybody” isn’t a valid target market; even Walmart has a target market. Consider the characteristics, demographics and needs of the people who buy your products or services. There are probably consistencies you can identify to narrow down your target market.
  2. Find out what’s important to your target market: Determine the sorts of problems your target market experiences and what it needs to solve those problems. Frustrations, unmet expectations and other pain points show a target market’s needs.
  3. Show how your product will meet customers’ needs: Pain points show you where your products and services could solve customer problems. Demonstrate clearly how your offerings can be a quick, simple solution to customers’ issues. Outline the benefits your product will provide.
  4. Show how your products or services have helped others with the same problems: Use testimonials from satisfied customers to prove how your offerings have worked for others. Present research results and case studies that provide technical, real-world proof of your product’s effectiveness.
  5. Make yourself distinct from your competitors: Tell your potential customers how you are different and better than your competitors. Emphasize the differences and how those differences make you a better choice that offers better value. Avoid simply explaining what your product or service does. Stress how it will provide a genuine and valuable result for those who use it.

Does your marketing message convey the right information to customers and potential clients? How could you use the five steps here for creating a marketing message that resonates more strongly with them?

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