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How to Be a Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend

Directly targeting borrowers is one important part of any mortgage marketing strategy. But, if you want to reach them more quickly than your competition does, getting help from local real estate agents is a great way to grow your business. While real estate agents may not be a direct market for mortgage lenders, they do offer you an opportunity to strengthen your lending efforts.

Best Friends Forever

Here are five steps for creating meaningful relationships with real estate agents.

  1. Acknowledge an agent’s expertise. Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship. Get to know agents as the smart businesspeople they are. Focus on creating a true partnership.
  2. Stay in touch. Keep communication open and ongoing. Honest and frequent communication is the key to success. Give agents weekly updates, stay aware of the agent’s own client relationship, and above all else, follow through with what you say you will do.
  3. Pay back the favor. Don’t merely focus on what’s in it for your business; be prepared to give something in return. If you want agents to send business your way, look for ways to contribute to their success.
  4. Network. In person, via social media, or by email, you must meet each agent where she or he spends most of their time. In these digital times, use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect and stay in touch. Email is another great way to touch base on a regular basis.
  5. Be sincere. It might seem an obvious point, but like any relationship, it will show if you’re less than fully committed. Make sure that every interaction you share with an agent is genuine and reflects the heartfelt desire for both of you to come out as winners.

No other group has more influence on home buyers and sellers than real estate agents. Start building these important relationships today and take your mortgage marketing strategy to a new, higher level.