How to Resuscitate a Lifeless Listing

No real estate agent wants a lifeless listing on their hands. If you currently have a listing that has surpassed your area’s average day on market, try a few fresh real estate marketing ideas to bring it back to life.

How to Resuscitate a Lifeless Listing

Market to your target audience. Each listing has a target audience and working out who this is can help you market your listing effectively. For example, if the listing is by an airport you may want to market to plane enthusiasts or pilots. Find out who the target audience is for your listing and start meeting those people.

Change of seasons. If you first listed the house in winter and it is now spring, you may want to switch out its professional photos. As the season changes so will the light in the home and the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Use Facebook Live. Take a tour of the house using Facebook Live. Point out all the great elements of the home and why your target audience would want to live there. Boost the Facebook Live video, this will help you target a larger audience and can also bring traffic to your Facebook business page.

Out of state traffic. If the city your listing is in has a lot of people moving in, it’s time to catch these out of state movers. Getting their interest before they start their house hunt is important. Do some research and find out which states people are leaving to move to your area. Use Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn and/or Instagram to target those moving from these states.

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