How to Save Time by Automating Your Just Listed & Just Sold Marketing Campaigns

There’s something iconic about “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” yard signs. People who see them just can’t help but take a quick look at the homes behind them. But as a real estate marketing strategy, they aren’t very effective. A sign won’t reach very many people, so other strategies are necessary.

Although most people today start the homebuying process by searching online, using postcards and mailers to launch your just listed and just sold campaigns are still an effective marketing strategy. In fact, cards and mailers are experiencing a bit of a resurgence these days. They’re still a standard for the entire real estate industry.

Why? There’s something powerful about touching something physical that a digital ad or email can’t emulate. Mailers also let you prioritize important information and seek valuable prospecting data in return. They’re highly targeted and can help you stand out as a valuable local resource for homebuyers.

Stop Sending Mailers and Postcards Manually

Of course, the most challenging part of sending out just listed and just sold mailers is the amount of work that must go into them. They must be designed, printed, addressed, and mailed. When you get responses, the information must be documented and input into a spreadsheet or real estate CRM.

This takes you away from your other important activities, such as following up with leads or working your sphere of influence.

By automating your just listed and just sold campaigns, you’ll free up valuable time for marketing, generating leads, prospecting, selling, and important administrative tasks. Instead of doing everything manually, all you have to do is opt-in to the program, select a design that’s already approved by corporate, and set up a secure data feed. No data entry necessary!

You have enough on your plate. Your time is better spent doing something other than addressing postcards or envelopes.  

Turn Mailings into Online Lead Generation

If you intend to nurture your leads online or through email, you need to bridge the gap between offline marketing and online lead generation. Automated just listed and just sold campaigns should include mailings embedded with personalized URLs and QR codes. These let your recipients go from your mailer to your personalized URL quickly.

Once they reach your personalized URL, your recipients will be greeted with a landing page where they can provide information about their interests and future homebuying plans. The data is then automatically added to your CRM. You’ll receive valuable lead intelligence for your database, and your recipients will gain an informed ally for their future home buying journey.

Expand Your Marketing with Automated Follow-Ups

Automated real estate marketing doesn’t stop with automated just listed and just sold campaigns. You can automate client follow-ups, too!

Keeping track of all your clients, messages, and responses can be challenging. Emails become nested, making it difficult to determine where you left off. It becomes even more taxing when you intend to send direct mail to your clients.

With the right CRM, you can let the system send personalized direct mail and email communications to your clients automatically, so you never miss a touchpoint or client follow-up opportunity. Keeping in touch with your buyers and sellers has never been easier.

You don’t have to do everything yourself anymore. Get an edge on your competitors and generate leads with minimal effort. With automation, you can streamline and accurately measure your real estate marketing to get better results in less time.