real estate client database

How to Unlock The Potential in Your Real Estate Client Database

Clients are a real estate agent’s most important asset—and a real estate client database is essential to best serving those customers through consistent delivery of relevant, valuable information that keeps your brand and name at the top of their minds. Effective use of your real estate client database opens the door to easier prospecting, more referrals and those highly-coveted repeat clients.

Here are just a couple of ways to use your database to help convert contacts to clients.

  • Efficient Communication. Keep in touch with past clients, as statistics show they’re your best source of new business. Become impossible to forget by reminding previous clients you’re still around by using a few effective techniques. That doesn’t mean bombarding them with daily emails or newsletters they didn’t ask for. Instead, invite them to reconnect. Try something simple like a home purchase “anniversary card” each year that doesn’t focus on selling, but reminds clients of how together you successfully navigated the process.
  • Customization and Personalization. CRM software lets you record highly-detailed, specific information about clients, including neighborhoods of interest, styles of homes, price ranges, number of school-aged children, etc. Every personal detail you capture can be used to help you customize the service you offer to past and future prospects. A personal email that is targeted to a client’s specific needs and wants is much more effective than a general listing of all available homes.

The Value of Your Real Estate Client Database

Customers are critical to growing your real estate business. While every closing signals the end of a process, it’s also the gateway to future business. Your client database is essential and indispensable for tracking and maintaining contact with a constant stream of prospects. In many ways, it’s the single most important tool you have to build relationships with past and future clients. To get the greatest value out of your database, make sure your systems and processes are in place to keep it updated for (like most things in the competitive world of real estate) personalized attention to a client’s needs.