HVAC Marketing Without Setting Your Hair On Fire

September 2012 Issue

HVAC Marketing Without Setting Your Hair On Fire: Being Effective Without The Drama

To be successful in the HVAC industry, you must have the right combination of highly trained technicians, great marketing and a steady stream of business. It can be tempting to fall into the pattern of playing pricing games and resorting to gimmicks to attract customers. Ask yourself, though: Is that who your company really is? You don’t have to set your hair on fire while balancing on a circus animal to get the attention of new customers. Proven methods of marketing work to attract new business and develop a steady stream of income for your business during all seasons.

First, develop your brand, along with other factors like your pricing plan and market focus, and then work these proven HVAC marketing strategies:


Slogans and jingles used consistently and for the long-term, throughout all your marketing, work because they help to imprint an emotional response in consumers’ minds. A few memorable slogans include State Farm’s “Like a good neighbor…” and GM’s “Like a rock.” Consumers respond to these slogans because they’re catchy and rhythmic, but they’re not overly dramatic and they promote a company without disparaging another. Your business’ slogan should succinctly represent your brand and easily help consumers see what you’re all about.


Word of mouth matters a lot for today’s competitive businesses. Consumers rely on the testimonials of friends, and social media is redefining the concept. Businesses can optimize this trend by including relevant, optimized testimonials on landing pages, social media outlets and printed marketing materials.


It takes repetition to form a habit, and the same holds true for marketing. Daily, consumers receive a barrage of advertising messages, so making sure your message gets across will take time and countless repetition through a variety of mediums.

Create Valuable Offers

Sleazy gimmicks like low-balling the price of a service only to hike the cost on the back end can backfire. Don’t underestimate a special or offer that provides consumers with real value, such as a discount or special report. These offers will draw the kind of customers you want to your business, and encourage repeat business.

Your intelligence and hard work got your HVAC company where it is today. And while marketing doesn’t come naturally to all small-business owners, it’s essential. The good news is that marketing help exists and it’s easy to market a solid, thriving business. No stunts required!

Are you considering adding home performance services to your HVAC business to offer a more complete whole-home solution? Earlier this year, we created a unique marketing program for home performance companies, and are already generating leads and seeing success with our first few home performance clients!

To start building your HVAC marketing strategy, or simply learn more, please feel free to contact Halo Programs anytime.