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Implementing a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Today’s savvy consumers are no longer passive advertising recipients — they’re actively seeking out information on the goods and services they buy using multiple platforms. To reach out and attract prospects and customers, your business needs to implement a matching multi-channel marketing strategy. Here’s a guide brought to you by Halo Programs.

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Multi-Channel Marketing 101

Multi-channel marketing utilizes a combination of communication channels to engage a desired audience across mobile devices, social media, email, search engines, websites, blogs, and traditional advertising mediums like TV, direct mail, print and radio. Successful multi-channel marketing requires more than simply creating a simultaneous presence on different platforms though — you also need to develop a unified marketing strategy that engages customers on their preferred channels to garner optimal exposure and engagement.

To maximize the potential of this type of marketing, you need to:

  • Define your target audience and ideal buyer personas. Understanding specifics about your customers’ motivations can help you develop a message and choose the appropriate channels to communicate effectively. To stay relevant, your understanding and view of the customer should continuously evolve.
  • Make sure you share relevant, useful and compelling content that focuses on the consumer’s needs rather than just a marketing message. It’s equally important to make what you’re sharing adaptable across different channels.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel for all your communications on various channels to make your business more memorable and increase brand awareness. This includes logo placement, colors, graphics, photo style and fonts.
  • Make your website responsive so your customers can easily access all your business has to offer from the device and platform of their choice.
  • Create a consistent customer experience. Whether your customers interact with your brand on the phone, online or in a retail environment, make sure they’re receiving a consistently high level of service.
  • Track your marketing data continuously to determine what’s working and what’s not as effective. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the variety of analytics available to measure the results and fine-tune your marketing efforts and campaign initiatives on all channels.

How can implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy help your business grow?